ASING Finance favours vending

Leasing is a smart way to finance vending equipment which could range fromthe basic to the most technologically advanced ofmachines, and nowmore andmore customers are embracing the benefits.

this type of financing might be used to purchase or borrow vending purchase or borrow hard assets for your business. In vending terms, Equipment financing broadly defined is the use of a loan or lease to

gives a customer the freedom to be flexible allowing the business to For some businesses this makes financial sense. For example, it equipment or machines.

upgrade equipment while either growing or downsizing operations. But there is more to it than flexibility.When you consider further

access to modern technology and immediate availability of machines working capital, effffective budget control through monthly payments, plus points such as granting customers the capacity to conserve

without having to wait, it’s easy to see why leasing is such an

One of the key drivers in vending is the rapid progression of attractive option.

technology. As the industry continues to embrace technology advancements in all areas of equipment, it has become even more popular for customers to request, and vending operators to provide a flexible finance solution for their clients. Kerry Howells,managing director at To

Tower Leasing said: “Asset “A

finance allows businesses such as SMEs and start-ups to secure much needed capital equipment without paying the large upfront costs. “Instead, vending operators are selling on fixed payment rentals, avoiding procrastinated price negotiations and customers are able to budget more effffectively for the highest quality, latest equipment they want.

“Consumers buying behaviours have not changed and they are constantly looking out for the best deal, ultimately driven on price and performance of the machines. By offffering a finance solution, customers are not seen to invest in depreciating assets. Instead, they can upgrade anytime throughout the lease to take advantage of the latest inn “No on

e has lost an order offffering a leasing option, but many ovations.

orders have been lost when one wasn’t offffered or available.” To

Tower Leasing’s Kevin Reed said: “To P.With To Tower is a flexible funder trying

to work with operators to maximise business opportunities taking a proactive view to risk, anyone can process BP.

have the potential to increase orders with all their prospective customers and build new revenue streams.”

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