VendexMidlands – a Premier League event

The presence of the Premier League Cupmay have rubbed offff on VendexMidlands this year as organisers described it as another great success with vending professionals upping their game to vie for new customers.

Pristine new coffffee machines, eye catching sweet and savoury snacks, hands-on technology and filtration, cleaning and maintenance products stood alongside each other at this one-day one-stop shop vending show.

The marketing manager forWestomatic, Daniel Ta Tanner, said:

“Wandering around the Vendex exhibition, it became apparent that every exhibitor had upped their game with improved stand quality and a more in-tune design language between their decoration and their machines.

“With the entire venue looking good, it’s impossible not to note the improvement in the look and feel of machines right now. There is clearly a surge in the attempt to

make machines in the industry

more desirable and attractive. The trends seen in coffffee machines for the home seem to be bleeding into the vending and Horeca machine markets, and rightly so – if we want to be a part of the fashionable future of coffffee drinking, then there is no doubt that machines need to come in line with customer expectations.” Pre-registrations for the show hit an all-time high of nearly 50% up on last year and visitor numbers reflected this, organisers revealed. Show director Phil Reynolds commented: “It real

pulling the stops out again this year and of course another great event and we would like to thank all

that make the show so worthwhile.

Darren James fromWestway Vending said: “Vendex is absolutely vitally important for us…it gives us the opportunity to feed back requirements from our clients, so that the companies here can look at developing new machines that provide solutions to those problems.”

Simon Law, channels director wholesale,Mademoiselle Desserts, said: “As“A a newcomer to the vending sector, with no pre-conceived views as to what reception we would receive as a new supplier, I was very positively surprised by both the warmth of the visitors and the quality. “ “A

“Additionally, the number of visitors to the show and to my stand in particular made it a very cost-effffective day, and I now feel better informed as to how the sector works. At the end of a busy day, I came away with at least 15 good leads which we will be following

what was Over o up.”

28 |

described as “an excellent turnout” with the company’ s n the VMC stand, the bi-annual Vendex show delivered

our exhibitors for ly has been

the many visitors

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