Ambient cakes-to-go for every part of the day

New fromThe Handmade Cake Company

Handmade Cake Company are releasing their first ambient range. The Aftfter 30 years producing frozen cakes and desserts for trade, The

minimumambient shelf life of 90 days fromdelivery to the distributor. new bakes, three individually wrapped gluten free cakes, will have a

snacks that are both indulgent andmeet their demands for a gluten “Increasingly consumers are looking for convenient, premium

free and vegan offffer. So, we’ve created a range of delicious, artisan, ambient cakes-to-go which we think offffer a ‘permissible’ indulgence suitable for everyone: perfect for amidmorning boost, a lunch time dessert or as a late aftfternoon snack.” – Gareth Jones, Commercial

Gluten Free & Vegan Spiced Fruit Granola - The p Director.

erfect on the go

breakfast treat! Gluten free and vegan. Packed with oats, golden syrup, stemginger, raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut, cranberries and apricots.Delicately spiced to deliver a premiumand

Gluten Free Salted Caramel Brownie - A heavenly fresh feel.

brownie, with scored rivers of salted caramel which

Gluten Free Caramel Praline Flapjack - Amoderni become evenmore caramelised.

when baked gluten free

sed take on an old

flapjack is spread with caramel, chunky hazelnuts an which is dominating cakes and desserts, this oaty, gl but gold comfort food.Making use of the ‘twists on

chocolate sauce. Vegan was themost important trend of 2018 and

uten free praline classics’ trend

is likely to keep d a drizzle of

the top seat in 2019 (The Food People’s Food Trends Report 2019). Gluten free also remains a top driver in the Free Fromcategory. However, creating quality free fromalternatives is always a challenge,

especially in cakes and desserts as such categories use eggs, flour, butter and creamas a basis formost recipes.Despite enormous progress by operators, the ratio of dietary alternatives to quality dietary alternatives available remains uneven and consumers are now looking formore inclusivity: they expect a product that’s as good as its standard sibling.Anthony Saison, CategoryManager for the brand explains how this trend informed their development process: “We wanted to design a range of cakes that are free from(vegan, gluten free, or both) butmeet the expectations of standard and free from consumers alike - products people love because they’re great, not just “good for a vegan cake””.

Like all gluten free products created by Company, the new cakes are baked in the

ir fully-segregated,AA The Handmade Cake

grade BRC certified, gluten free bakery and are all licenced by Coeliac UK. The Spiced Fruit Granola is also vegan and registered with the Vegan Society.

Anthony describes how the range was developed with impulse and vending inmind. “There is a clear need for a convenient, premium sweet snack to be eaten on-the-go in the tube, in the offffice or during quick breaks on a busy weekend. Convenience is at the heart of our new range: they offffer a sensible, transportable portion of cake that is sealed first in flow wrap and then in a kraftft board sleeve. The sleeve not only protects the integrity of the cake as it drops inside the vendingmachine but also gives the range a point of visual diffff erence clearly conveying the artisan, premiumquality.”

For more information, please email Simon Law at

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