Evolution Of Table Top TFT Screen Technology

So Pure has been at the forefront of the Table To

Ta Top coff delivery ffee machine market for

Espresso’s through several years from

our classic Bean to Cup to new beverage

collection.With So Pure’s Ta

ry systems such as our liquid coff Table To

ffee Top growth

accelerating, customers aren’t just looking for that anchor price point, but for longevity, reliability and robust

Our Swiss brewer delivers that perfect, components.

signature of tan-coloured crème. The UK’s precision of pressure resulting in our

has never changed, nor will it…but with an and our perfect Espresso experience ethos table top market is moving at a fast pace

ever changing media hungry consumer marketplace our TFT screens also have

and the direct user is vital, with this comes Offffering more to our customers, brands changing technological developments. to offffer that perfect experience within

media content service for our table top ‘Pure Stream’ a unique live streaming

So Pure Director SukyMatharu: We


“We delivered an amazing cutting edge web based media delivery port ffo

tt ry or our Ta Table To rtal two years ago rs

marketplace across the UK, rs

Top coffffefee machines fofor the K, saving

customers hours of time, offffefering them an easy and effffefective solution fofor creating content to use with our high quality TFty TFT screens, even with that classic USB stick delivery.


about losing projects or try m

y... lifefe became easy oj

more sy,

But now it’s about the fufuture delivering ultiple locations.

re value to our customers and offffefering digital content direct to their customers turn, We

We’re known fofor our amazing Ta coffffefee machines built to the highest standards using quality components and providing years of re

ty rs reliable operation, but

with an ever changing world of media, customers deserve more in the way of live streaming content and not just static and video content...”

Pure Stream’s digital service offffers all possible drinking destinations and

industries the possibility to embrace digital content and enhance their business goals, it’s not just for breakfast bars, coffffee shops or hotel lobby’s.With 70 applications business and customers already use every day from Google, Dropbox, Klipfolio,

rs in Table To Top

coffee machines, enabling live rich media content direct to our TFT screens and not just graphics and video media but an array of brand applications and live media feeds.

Microsoft, Zendesk, Zoho and to name a few, it’s simple to craftft your media to drinkers.

From sharing important company news of your business data and streaming the latest social media, BB the world, latest

transport and weather to C news live from around

staffff training videos at offffice beverage break-out points. Improving

y, no more worries rying to deliver

communications as virtual notice boards with students across faculties or targeting your customers and audience.With the easy to use CMS, pick the time of the day and week your content is displayed using our simple drag and drop structure to create content play-lists and schedules from anywhere in the world.

So Pure BrandManager Stuart Ibbotson: “Our Es


that perfefect crè So Pure TF


Espresso’s come alive enriched with rème and so should our

not going to stop, only increase in importance with the Ta

Table To

TFT screens... live content media’s ly

Top market”

And it’s all possible to enjoy an amazing drink and promote your media with ‘Pure Stream’ our Ta

Ta Table top coffffee machine

digital service. So Pure ‘Pure Stream’ system becomes available fromJune in our range of TFT Table top machines including the Platinum Espresso Glass Touch, Platinum & Noir Espresso Surface Espresso’s and also available on existing So Pure TFT Ta machines as an upgrade .

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