HOT FOOD Hot food vending is trending

A snack froma vendingmachinemeans different things to different people, but one of the growing trends, particularly in hospitals and leisure facilities, is hot food. Here VI explores what and where hot food vending is trending.

The demand is for high quality, healthier, tasty food, which is quick one area where the potential for suitable hot vending options exist. Hospitals in particular, where staffff work outside canteen hours, is

NHS mandatory health & wellbeing CQUIN 1b which requires hot to prepare with plenty of choice available. It must also satisfy the

with over 50 NHS facilities already on their books. These including Companies such as Bon Appetit are directly targeting hospitals food to be healthy and nutritious.

names such as Guy’s & St Thomas’s Hospitals in London, the John Radcliffe in Oxford, Harrogate District Hospital, the Birmingham Children’s Hospital and the Princess Royal University Hospital. Bon Appetit’s healthy hot meal options, which come frozen, thereby helping to prevent waste, are heated in the microwaves provided, using unique bar codes appearing on packaging of each product.


There are also other facilities were hot food vending is becoming a large hotel chain hines across the

which started trialling hot food-to-go vending mac go-to solution.One important example is that of a

UK for the first-time last month.

Travelodge is specifically targeting guests who have booked into sites where there are no facilities to prepare hot meals. The project is taking place across 15 Travelodge sites where the hot snacks are delivered via bespoke units designed and built by supplier RH Hall.

RH Hall has integrated its iWave cooking solution which is able to heat a range of snack foods from paninis through to Pukka pies. The units also include a small freezer and allow guests to enjoy the hot snacks either in their rooms or on-the-go.


But what about hot food available for passersby in high footfall areas? Last December VI reported about the makers of Smart Pizza,

API tech, opening a trade offffice in London with the hope of bringing a 24/7 pizza vending machine to the UK. Now, the company has confirmed that the first one will be unveiled on the Isle of Mann very soon.

Indeed, these pizza machines are not a new innovation. They have

been aro numerou

s reports of pizza machines popping up in busy cities und a while but in recent months there have been

Tech is targeting large footfall areas such as universities, shopping centres, petrol stations, supermarkets, but also smaller towns and villages where there is limited access to restaurants and deliveries.

The high footfall areas in particular may well be a target area for picking up a hot treat in near future while you’re waiting for your train or an early morning flight.

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods Co for example, launched one of its award- winning Noodle Kiosks at Elephant and Castle this year following its initial launch at Hudderfield University last year.

This healthy hot food on-the-go option which prides itself on its ‘no nasties’ philosophy, comes as freeze-dried ingredients locking in the goodness and is also lower in calories, salt, sugars and saturated fats.

The company plans to continue with the machine rollout to multiple locations including hospitals, universities and stadiums. It’s clear from the above that there is a demand for vended hot food.Where? In hospitals, leisure facilities and hotels or just about anywhere where they are plenty of people passing by.What are consumers looking for? The options are limitless as long as they are tasty and hot.

Tech believes the Smart Pizza machine offffers a product that is very in keeping with British consumer habits and offers an on-the-go meal that is able to match restaurant quality. “We have worked very hard to ensure that the machine delivers on both taste and quality,” said business developer,Maud Gerbault. API Te

across the globe. API Te

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