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discussing the developments of the US markets and the introduction of micro markets.

The Automatic Vending Association is set to hold a new event in June. AV AV

AVA Live details revealed AVA

But what is AVA AVEX.

get all the details including why you and your business should attend the symposium on June 14. For starters, The AVA


So far, Nestle Professional, Nebrak, Coffffetek, 365 Retail Markets, Crane Merchandising Systems and Evoca have been confirmed by the AVA,VA while other industry leaders such as CCEP (Coca Cola) and Scobie McIntosh are also expected to deliver workshops at the event. A full list of attendants will be coming soon.

An app will be released in the upcoming weeks which will enable all guests to pre-book their place for all workshops, seminars and also the keynote speaker – Alastair Campbell!

VA Live replaced the bi-annual exhibition formally known as VA Live? In this Vending International exclusive, you VA is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year

and will be celebrating in style with a party on June 13th – the night before the Leadership Symposium on June 14th. The party will play host to both AV

Following the party, the AV and much more.

VAmembers and non-members,

making it a desirable networking event. There will also be a free bar, an around-the-world buffffet, plenty of games, a 90-prize charity draw

AVA VA will welcome guests to its first

Leadership Symposium which will present guests with a chance to make their business better, stronger and more profitable. This is where the leaders of the industry will come together to deliver workshops and seminars to guests on topics such as finance, marketing, sustainability, plastics and recycling,micro markets and more.More than 30 expert talks will be held on the day to ensure you get ahead of the competition and accelerate your career. More than 400 suppliers, vending operators, wholesalers and partners are expected to take part and guests will be able to pick their brains or get advice and solutions to legislation challenges. AVA

VA Live will also welcome guest speakers Alastair Campbell, Theresa Coffffey and Lord Deben who will debate the challenges on

Carla Balakgie, CEO of NAMA has also being co the industry such as Brexit and plastics and waste.

nfirmed to speak,

VA Live will be also be an opportunity for you to develop your skills and your business. It is expected to networking days the vending industry ha


s seen. Guests will have the be one of the biggest

opportunity to discuss the most topical issues for the vending industry, with some of the biggest names in politics and vending. The leadership symposium is free for all AVAmembers but for all non-members, entry is £120.00.

VA For more information contact Kennedy at kennedy.procter@the- m

Alastair Campbell at AVA Live AV


AVA Live, the vending event planned for June 14, will play host to Alastair Campbell. Best known as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s spokesman, press secretary and director of communications and strategy, Alastair Campbell is a described as a brilliant forthright speaker. The at times controversial speaker is also an astute businessman and political commentator and a supporter of openness who often promotes mental health causes.


Alastair will talk about his knowledge of strategy,making change and crisis management. Guests will be able to question him, learn from him and most importantly – challenge him at AVA

VA Live will welcome a range of speakers on the day, including politicians, businessmen and marketing experts.On top of these debates and speakers, there will also be a range of workshops and seminars to help make vending businesses more profitable. Topics include digital marketing, micro-markets, sustainability, plastics and recycling, social media and more .

k – one of 14 he has written –Winners and How They Succeed, is a Number 1 best- selling analysis of what it takes to win in politics, business and sport. AVA

His boo VA Live.


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