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Cadbury Foundation backs tumour charity

selected by employees atMondelēz International in Uxbridge to Tumour Charity has been hand-

Farnborough-based The Brain Tu

progressing research into finding cures, and has been granted the The global cause is committed to furthering treatments and receive a donation of £5,000.

substantial figure thanks to The Cadbury Foundation, as part its ‘Your Charity Yo

where survival rates are not growing as rapidly as elsewhere. As well fundraising in order to affffect change in an area of cancer treatment The Brain Tumour Charity relies solely on donations and Your Choice’ scheme.

as research into cures, it focuses on support for those recently diagnosed, and helps patients through their treatment.

Each year, all Mondelēz International UK employees are invited to nominate wellbeing-related charities or projects close to their hearts, with the final shortlisted charities up for vote amongst fellow colleagues.

The Uxbridge site nominated The Brain Tumour Charity having seen the work it does first-hand, following the diagnosis of colleague, Rebecca Newton, in 2017. Following surgery, and support from the charity, Rebecca is now back at work full time having successfully finished treatment.

Commenting on the donation, Rebecca said: “I am truly proud to work for Mondelēz International, they have supported me every step of the way.

“This donation fromThe Cadbury Foundation is giving me the

for making this significant donation possible. A cur chance to make a difffference, and I am so grateful t

with this donation we can take a step closer to it.”

The Cadbury Foundation was set up in 1935 in recognition of Richard and George Cadbury and their investment in the welfare of their employees and the local community.

Katie Mosses, corporate partnerships manager at The Brain Tumour Charity, said: “We are hugely grateful for all the support that Mondelēz International has given in raising vital funds towards research into brain tumours. tt

“We are committed to funding research that will increase survival and we will take every step necessary to improve the quality of life for everyone affffected by brain tumours.”

Kelly Farrell, community affffairs manager at Mondelēz International said: “We are extremely proud to be able to support the charities that are important to our employees through our ‘Yo Choice’ scheme.

Your Charity Your Yo

“Rebecca’s journey has been inspirational to see, and everyone at Mondelēz International is thrilled to be able to help such a personal, and worthwhile charity.”

o my colleagues e can’t wait, and

4 Aces awarded FSC accreditation 4 Aces has been awarded FSC accreditation for cutlery

ry items in its

wooden, environmentally-friendly, Planet range, including stirrers. The range, which only recently included knives, forks, dessert spoons and teaspoons, reflects the disposable cup supplier’s commitment to its sustainable offffering and offffers an alternative to plastic.

The cutlery now sits alongside a complete collection of PLA hot and cold cups, in varying sizes, and biodegradable water cones, which are best-selling items in the range.

The FSC accreditation provides confirmation that all of 4 Aces’ systems have been audited and inspected, along with the factory where the products are sourced, providing visibility along the supply chain.

Managing director of 4 Aces, Chris Penn explains: “The FSC logo shows that products in this range are made from sustainably sourced wood and forest materials, while providing a real connection between the forest and the end user.

“For us, as a company, it reflects our obligation to provide a completely sustainable offffering while also affffording us a seal of approval. By association, our customers boost their own sustainable status and can be satisfied that the products that they are sourcin g have responsible origins.”

all of their customer transactions. This commerce-enabling technology and s rtnered with

Nayax to deliver an aff

Nayax Australia, a cashless payment solutions provider for unatt

Nayax Australia joins forces with First Data ttended retail, has part

ffordable payment solution in the

country, resulting in huge cost benefits to customers. In Australia, retailers are oftften required to open multiple merchant accounts to process all their transactions.Working in partnership with First Data enables Nayax Australia to provide a

and managing onerous monthly recon expense and hassle of operating multi single streamlined experience, freeing

payment method.

“This partnership with First Data allows Nayax Australia to deliver superior experience and improve the day-to-day productivity of our customers, as well as allowing us to lower our transaction fees,” said DylanWinik,managing director, Austral He a

ple merchant accounts customers from the

ciliations for each rtnership allows

First Data, a specialist in olutions, for processing part

dded: “It is in Nayax Australia’s DNA to provide the best ia | Korea | New Zealand.

customer support and experience – to that end, we’re excited for our customers to experience the benefits of our partnership with First Data on their business. ”

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