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Luna: Thanks for your patience & understanding Alex! It’s not always the easiest but he always lets me finish what I’m trying to say, no matter the situation. I love you!

Alicia: I thank my husband Frank for being patient, understanding, and compassionate. Sometimes I get so upset at myself when I stutter but when it comes to my husband he eases my mind and makes me feel like I don't have a stutter! He always knows when I want and when I don't want him to finish my sentences.

Lori: I met my husband when I started grad school for speech pathology. My stuttering was severe at that time but it never mattered to him. We both accept each other for the unique people we are. My parents are married 57 years and my dad stuttered severely. My mom was 14 and my dad 16 when they met. It worked. My mom love to talk and my dad love to listen. Funny, 57 years later they both love to talk so sometimes that can be a problem; when I am with them we all never stop. Stuttering does not define me or my dad. My husband encouraged me to follow my dreams and specialize in stuttering to help others.

Stuttering Foundation Stuttering Foundation

SFA THURSDAY POLL: Do you have a relative who stutters?

64% YES

LSU Stuttering Lab Aims to Erase Misconceptions About Stuttering

Anna: As a mom of an 8-year-old boy who has stuttered since he was 3, I love seeing new research. A lot of research on stuttering has not evolved over the years. I hope and pray you all find some concrete answers.

36% NO 195 Votes

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SFA Asks: How far do you have to ride to get to therapy?

Tanya: For the past 5 years we have traveled 1 hour and 45 minutes for therapy at Utah State University. Thankfully our favorite student clinician moved 30 minutes away from our home, so this year we only have to go 30 minutes. Worth very bit of time spent traveling to get help for my son...and education for myself.

Pedro: I had to catch 3 planes to go from Madeira Island, Portugal, to Spokane, to do the SSMP adult program, but it was worth it. Top therapists, some of them who stutter themselves, have helped me immensely! Thanks Stuttering Foundation for supporting the SSMP!

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