Stuttering Creates a Rainbow

Let It Flow

Hello! My name is Aneilys. I go to Lincoln School #22 in Rochester, New York, and I am in fourth grade and I stutter. My speech teacher, Mrs. O, gives me strategies so I can let my words flow easy. I am working on light contacts, easy onsets, sliding and bouncing. I will show you what I mean: and sliding too… s____liding.! They help me speak straight and easy.

Some kids bully me about my stuttering but I don’t care, it doesn’t bother me. Because guess what? I was born

like that and I will do my best. It is my duty to go over and over my strategies again.

To all the kids who stutter at home or at school, don’t let people judge you because of your stuttering. That is who you are. In your lifetime it is your time to be yourself. Stuttering is a part of who you are and that doesn’t change who you are.

I created this song with my speech teacher for people who stutter and are being bullied. It is to my favorite son, “Let it Go.” I changed it to “Let it Flow.” Singing helps me get more fluent and flow.

Sometimes my words are tight and it doesn’t feel quite right. I need to use my pull outs so I feel just right.

So let it flow, let it flow, let the words flow through the air. Aneilys, 4th

grade, from Rochester, NY 16

My name is Julius and I am 10 years old. I have three siblings. If you do stutter, it’s ok if some laugh at you – ignore them. You are you. If you stutter it means you are special. Not many people stutter so stuttering makes you, you. It’s like if you want, stuttering can be like happiness or for some people like rain. If you like it, or don’t, both of them create a rainbow.

Julius, 10 Tacoma, WA

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