Never Give Up and Always Use Your Strategies

Some Letter Sounds Are Harder

Hello, my name is Felipe. I am in Fourth grade at the Hill School in Revere Massachusetts. I’m super smart and when I’m not in school I mostly watch TV and play video games. My favorite animal is the dolphin. I don’t stutter that much but I know a lot about stuttering. I know that there are a lot of people who stutter and those people have a hard time saying words. I have friends who stutter and they have strategies such as stretchy speech, belly breathing, and pausing. Something I have trouble with is pronouncing some letter’s sounds, like the “S’ sound, the “TH” sound, and the “V” sound. I also have to practice strategies like eye contact, volume, and slow speed. That’s all about me.

Felipe, 4th grade, from Revere, MA Sing-Talking Helps

Sometimes I wish I did not stutter at school. But lots of people in my family stutter too. I feel like I stutter more when I talk fast at school. When I stutter I sing and talk at the same or I use my breathing. Do not talk so fast because if you talk so fast you could stutter more. And don’t be scared.

Indigo, 9, from Philadelphia, PA 21

Hi my name is Nash. I am 9 years old. I play tackle football for the Chesterfield Bears and baseball for Chesterfield. I live in Chesterfield, MO. I have bumpy speech when I yell a lot and during the summer break. I use easy starts and also pausing. Easy start is when you stretch the first word in a sentence and finish in a normal speed. Pausing is when we get bumpy speech and have to stop and think. When we pause we bring in air to fill up our tank and then when we are talking the air comes out. Our tank is your lungs.

My advice to all people who have bumpy speech is that it is normal to have a little bumpy speech and also you should never give up on using strategies like full and easy breaths, light contact, stretching, easy start, slow down, and pausing. Even my dad had bumpy speech but now he doesn’t because he went to speech.

Nash, 9, from Chesterfield, MO

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