Dear Stuttering Foundation,

I wrote you a letter in November 2017 and I received a wonderful packet from you in the mail. I was so excited by the packet that I shared it with my entire class! I had to answer a lot of questions about stuttering. It felt good because I liked explaining to everyone. I especially liked explaining about the voice of Darth Vader and how he overcame stuttering to be successful. It makes me want to succeed in my goals.

I drew this picture of my favorite superhero, Batman, to share with you. It reminds me of succeeding in my goals because Batman succeeds in his goals of helping people in need.

Thank you again for everything – I love the magazine and shared it with my mom and read it like 80 times!

Your friend, Taran, 3rd grade, from Pittsburgh, PA

I Am Just Like You

Hi my name is Mark, I am 11 years old. I am just like you, I stutter too. When I was 8 years old, I moved from Ukraine to America.


two months later I started going to school. I stuttered a lot because I didn’t know English but when I started speaking English more I started noticing that I have stutters so I grew up and started speaking more and more English.

When I was in Ukraine I was 7 years old and I went to the speech class. I took speech classes to help me with letter sounds like “r”. The speech classes were a lot different than in America, they used tools like literal tools that helped me pronounce the letters and the words. I went there with my Mom for about 2 months.

When I was 10, I started going to speech class in America. The speech teacher’s name is Mrs. Emily. She helps me a lot with stuttering and I started stuttering less. She teaches me a lot of things I can do to help myself of like Easy Beginning. To do an Easy Beginning, you get a lot of air into your lungs and then on the word you say a quiet “h” so it would be like “h- I stutter a lot in school,” that really helped me. And she also taught me bouncing so how you do it is bounce a word so like, in the word stutter, you will bounce the letter “s” as many times as you need to until you can say the word (like “s-s-s- s-s-stutter”). And that is everything I want to tell to you.

Mark, 11, from Sacramento, CA 9

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