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"It's nothing to be ashamed of to have a stutter" - Emily Blunt

The Positive Role of Nursery Rhymes in Stuttering Therapy an article from the Stuttering Foundation Fall 2017 Issue

Joan: I used a few nursery rhymes with 4th graders and they incorporated the use of “drums” (tapping pencils on the bottom of upside-down buckets. I have to say, they got pretty good!

Henry: The older we get the more we feel "It's not such a big deal!" and with that comes more frequent fluency.

Stuttering Foundation Stuttering Foundation

James Earl Jones: "My stutter was so bad, I barely spoke to anyone for eight years" a article

Anant: Hard work but with right techniques can dissolve stuttering. It must be remembered that dissolving stuttering is largely an inside job. That means, how you talk to yourself, what kind of mental videos do you create and nature of emotions which you carry will decide how quickly you recover. Observe yourself all the time. Are you a learned optimistic? Do you feel state of resourcefulness within yourself? The day you start loving stuttering, having fun while dissolving the block, instead of being afraid or timid, stuttering will leave you permanently. Work hard but monitor your progress.

Amey: While I appreciate his story, He still stutters, but is too ashamed to show it. That's very sad. -- we need "famous stutterers" who stutter openly.

Sylvie: An amazing article! Thank you for sharing this story.

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