I Like Trucks and Playing Checkers

My name is Charlie and I stutter. I started stuttering when I was 2 years old. What helps my stuttering is taking deep breaths and starting over again. What doesn’t help my stuttering is when I keep going fast. I am good at playing checkers.

Charlie, 6, from Vermont

Friends Can Help

Hi. I’m Mack. I’ve been stuttering for 6 years. My

friends don’t care if I stutter, in fact, they help me!

They help remind me to use my strategies!

Mack, 10 Boulder, CO


I remember stuttering in kindergarten I had been stuttering about six years I’m 11 now. I also got bullied for four years. Kids would start acting like me and mocking me. They would go tell other kids and they would talk like that to me. When I wanted to say something they tried to finish The Whole sentence. Well I knew I wasn’t the only one who stuttered so it didn’t bother me that much. I told my mom about it and she called a friend of ours who was a DJ. He performed for the school and made a rap about not bullying and how it’s not nice. Me and my brother got to go on stage and tell why we were bullied. After that I didn’t get bothered any more. And that’s when I started to participate in more things. The reason I didn’t participate was because I didn’t want to talk out loud or make new friends because I knew they would make fun of me too.

I’ve had three speech therapists. I think that they’ve helped me write down how I feel. They also taught me exercises that help me every day. And when people try to make fun of me, I tell them that I’m not the only one who stutters. I know other people who stutter. I even told people what famous people stutter like the guy who played Darth Vader, Marilyn Monroe and Ed Sheeran and the king of England, King George VI. And that’s how they stopped making fun of people who stuttered including me. When the teacher found out, the teacher made them write why they made fun of me.

When someone is trying to finish your sentence or mock you, try to walk away. Don’t let it bother you. The strategy that has worked best for me is to stop and breathe before you talk. You are the one that decides when to use your strategy, not anyone else. I don’t like it when people point out when I stutter. I like it when my speech therapist does it because I know she’s helping me. I don’t mind when my mom or my dad or even if my older siblings do it, it’s okay because I know they are trying to help me. But I don’t like when other people do it.

This is my story.

My Story by Mari, 11, from San Antonio, TX

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