How I Use the Stuttering Adventure Blueprint (S.A.B.)

“I Can” When using any invention, it is always helpful to know your goals.

Yes, some days you meet them and some days you may not, BUT, it is always important to know how and why you are using a tool! So, we have chosen to list my goals on the S.A.B. as “I can” statements. My “I can” statements help me think about what I can focus on.

“Bumpy Sounds / Word”

We included a space on the S.A.B. to record bumpy sounds or words that I may have during the day. This allows me to keep track of my stuttering moments. Remember, it’s important to reflect!

“Pace It and Face It”

The “Pace It and Face It” section is used for two purposes. One, as a pacing board, using emoji icons, to help me pace my speech. I also use this section to help me reflect on how I am feeling. I circle the emoji that matches the feeling that I had BEFORE or DURING a stuttering moment. I really like this section of the S.A.B. I can’t give you any reason other than the fact that I just like emojis!

“Next Steps”

The “Next Steps” section allows me a place to develop, modify or list other strategies I can use to help me reach my individual speaking goals. It is really important to have a plan to monitor and repair, if needed!

“Think-Pair-Share to Show You Care”

Now I know sharing information about stuttering with my friends is super important! Educating my friends about me and how I talk helps to take away any fears or questions my friends may have. I try to talk with someone every day. It doesn’t have to be a LONG conversation, just enough to teach my friends! I write my friends names on the S.A.B. so I can keep track of who I have spoken with! Easy enough!


Finally, you will see a thermometer. I use this section to help me reflect on speaking across the whole school day. I’ll be honest, not every day is “smooth” and I am OK with that!

I wanted to write this follow-up letter in hopes of sharing this invention with you kids out there! The Stuttering Adventure Blueprint (S.A.B.) has really helped me and hopefully it can help you! Remember, you are AMAZING and just do YOU! Until next time, Stuttering Heroes…

Tristian, 9, from Fort Jackson, SC 11

The Golden Rule When I stutter I close

my eyes and take a deep

breath then I start all over again. My speech teacher taught me to pretend that my hand is an airplane for easy onset. When I get frustrated I get on

my Xbox and play with my brother and friends. And if they think you’re

dumb because you stutter tell them or yourself, no matter what, treat

others the way you want to be treated! It’s The Golden Rule.

Matthew, 9 Garland, TX

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