The Stuttering That I Have Hi, my name is Erik and I am in 4th

Just Be You grade. My first language is Spanish. My teacher’s name is Mr. F and outside of school they call him Jose.

Stuttering comes from my father. When he was a kid they say they fixed my dad’s stuttering by having a cricket bite his tongue. Now he doesn’t stutter. It’s the crazy truth!

I started stuttering when I was three years old. I practice trying not to stutter and I still stutter. Although I still stutter, this does not stop me from talking or practicing. I did presentation in front of my class. These are the strategies - - pull out and cancellation. Pull out, for

example, is if you say ‘horse’ like ‘ho ho rse’ and you let the word go. And cancellation, for another example, ‘chicken’ is like ‘chi chi chicken’ where you cancel the word and start the word over.

Did you know that more boys stutter than girls? For every 4 boys that stutter, there is 1 girl that stutters. I feel normal, that stuttering is normal for boys. Did you know that there are many famous people who stutter? Three famous people that stutter are George Springer (baseball player), James Rodriguez (soccer player) and Damarius Randall (football player for the Green Bay Packers!!). Kids that stutter should not stop talking. Those athletes stutter and are famous and aren’t ashamed to talk.

Erik, 4th grade, from Monona, WI

Editor’s Note: We like your story about your dad and the cricket! But we also have to say that there isn’t any scientific research to back up that such a “treatment” would work. On the other hand, lots and lots of people have their own personal stories and what is true or works for them is their experience. One of many reasons we look to science is to find answers to questions like why do more boys than girls stutter. If we could only get science to unlock some secrets, we might one day actually be able to ‘cure’ stuttering for everyone! Thanks for sharing!


Hello, my name is Leo. I am 11 years old and I am in 5th


at Butterworth Elementary School. I love to play soccer, I like Star Wars movies and video games, and I stutter. I have been using easy onsets to help me with my stuttering. This is my favorite strategy to use. Taking deep breaths and going to speech therapy also helps. I think it’s important for people to know that it’s okay to stutter. It’s something you are born with, and everyone stutters sometimes. I did two presentations for my class to teach them about stuttering. We talked about famous people who stutter, facts about stuttering, and my class even practiced stuttering and I taught them strategies. My class felt great after my presentation and said I was really brave. I would tell other kids who stutter ‘just be you.’

Leo, 11, from Moline, IL

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