Why Do I Stutter? By Cori, age 9, from New Rochelle, NY

Chapter 1 - Why Is This Happening!

Hey guys! My name is Madison. I am new to the Albert Leonard School. Madison tries to find a friend but they keep on ignoring her. Her mom never told her that she stutters until she realized that she kept on repeating her words. Like there’s a B-B-B-Bee. People start laughing at her. The principal walks over and says, “Come with me.”

Chapter 2 - Struggling

He drops off Madison at speech. “I already know h-h-h-how to speak,” Madison says. Madison tells the principal that the kids are going to laugh at her!

Chapter 3 - OH MY!!

That night she was with her mom studying. “I speak fine mom” she told her, “I never told you that you stutter!” “I st-st-st-stutter.” “You just stuttered,” Her mom told her. “Oh yeah I did.”

Chapter 4 - Working Hard

Her speech teacher’s name is Ms. G and she told Madison you’re done for the day you’ve gotten much better. Madison had a grin on her face.

Chapter 5 - She Made a Friend

Next morning she studied so hard she was sweating. She thought I did a lot of work today. Every morning she goes to speech. She was sweating like crazy and said to herself, “I did it! I know how to speak now!” Madison yelled. Her mom cried! Her dad hugged her so tight she couldn’t breathe. Guess what she finally she found a friend. “Nice job,” the speech teacher told her. Madison’s friend was named Kathrine. They did jump rope together and they also drew together. Mostly they did everything together.

THE EN-EN-EN -END (Sorry about that, still working on it.) My Teddy Bear Helps

I like to play basketball and I like math problems. I started stuttering when I was 3 years old. If I get mad about stuttering I punch my Teddy bear. It gets all my anger out about stuttering. I learned a lot of strategies that help me in speech. I use breathing and slow rate when I am stuttering a lot.

Carson, 9, from Concord, NC 18

Maxwell, 7 Jeffersonville, VT

My name is Maxwell and I stutter. When my voice box gets stuck together I stutter. I started stuttering when I was 6. Slowing down and doing air before my voice helps

me. What doesn’t help me is getting stuck on words. I like playing Pokemon and I am good at trading Legos.

My Voice Box Gets Stuck Together

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