Brenden’s Story

Hello, my name is Brenden. I have been stuttering since 4 years old. Now I’m turning 12 and still stuttering, but I don’t mind it. I am happy that I stutter because I know that I am a special kind of KID.

Now here is a meme. Brenden, 11, from Cedar Hill, TX

Treat People How You Want To Be Treated

I am Emiliano and I am 9 years old. I like kickball, swimming, running, and drawing. I like doing art crafts at home. Sometimes, I don’t stutter that much but sometimes at home I do a lot. When I stutter, it feels like I don’t want to say a word I was going to say. It’s okay to stutter. Sometimes, it hurts my throat when I get stuck. I do light touch, slow, and chunking as strategies. My favorite is to think about going slow because you don’t have to say the words fast. Then, you don’t stutter as much. When people bully you, you can just say, “Treat people how you want to be treated.” If they keep bullying you, you can give a comeback or ignore.

Emiliano, 9 Milwaukee, WI

“Never Say Never”

Hi! My name is Jamir and I stutter. I am in the fourth grade at Mother

Teresa Academy in Erie, PA. I have been stuttering for a long time (aka my whole life!). I stutter when people talk over me, when I am excited, and when I get nervous. I control it by stopping and thinking about when I am saying, slowing down, and taking a breath. I want people to know that stuttering is not a bad thing. It is just something you do sometimes when you’re talking. Right now there is no cure for stuttering, but “Never Say Never.”

Jamir, 4th 20 grade, from Erie, PA I Like To Go To The Zoo

I am Garrett and I stutter. I am seven years old and from Colorado.

I like to go to the zoo. When I go to

the zoo I like to see the animals. To me it is very fun when I go.

I could say the animals’ names clearly

when I was little. I look up to Alan Rabinowitz because he is a conservationist, zoologist, animal rescuer, photographer, explorer, and he stutters. I wrote a note to him. I hope that he writes back. Here is me at the zoo saying “Tigey” which was more clear than at home.

Garrett, 7, from Longmont, CO

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