One Day I Started Talking Weirdly

My name is Marcus and I am 10 years old. I started stuttering when I was 6 years old. One day at school my teacher saw me talking weirdly. I wasn’t talking like usual. I kept stopping when I was trying to say something. Then I went to my speech teacher, Mrs. A, and she helped me with my stuttering and now I don’t stutter as much as I used to.

Marcus, 10 Glen Allen, VA

Be You And Be Nice To Others

Hi, my name is Dary. I’m in third grade, I’m 9 years old, and go to Hill School in Revere, Massachusetts. I like Roadblox, dogs, and math. I stutter and it’s not bad, it’s just how I am. I use strategies to help me at speech.

Some strategies are full breath and pausing. If you guys are stuttering you should use the same strategies, it will help! If you get stuck on a word, take a big belly

breath and try again. Guys, never give up, be you, and be nice to others. That is who I am and I hope you had fun reading this.

Dary, 9 Revere, MA

Connor, 9 Morrow, OH

Don’t Hide Your Stuttering Hi! My name is Petra and I am eight. I am in 3rd

grade. I love playing with my chinchilla and

my chinchilla’s name is Vespa. I have been stuttering since I can remember. My advice is don’t give up and don’t try to hide your stuttering – it is a part of how you are.

Petra, 8, from Portland, OR 25 I Feel Good About My Speech

I stutter but it does not affect how good I am at soccer. I feel good about my speech. I don’t care what people think about me.

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