We Will Do It Together

Hi. My name is Nasir. I go to Fitler Academic Plus School. I stutter so, as usual, I got bullied. I have stuttered my whole life. I started getting bullied in 4th

grade. They don’t bully me anymore. They

bullied me because I used to say “because” like “beeeecause.” They would say, “beeeebebeeeeeebebeeee,” etc., so it made me sad. But now they don’t bully me anymore. So if you get bullied because you stutter don’t feel alone. A lot of people stutter and overcome it. If you love yourself and work hard you will overcome it.

Nasir, 10, from Philadelphia, PA

Don’t Worry – People Will Learn How Cool You Are

My name is Jack and I am in 5th grade.

I think I have been stuttering since Junior Kindergarten. My favorite strategy is big breath. I use it before I start talking and when I get stuck. Another strategy that I use is light touch. Light touch is when I take a breath, push some air out and

say the sound gently. I love to play the cello! I play with the Eisenhower Orchestra. A tip I would give is to not worry when you stutter because people will learn how cool you are and not notice the stuttering.

Jack, 10 Wauwatosa, WI 22

Stuttering Makes You, You

My name is Ryan and I am 10 years old. I stutter sometimes but I use my strategies like easy speech and it works great. My friends don’t mock me but bullies do and if anyone brings you down about stuttering just remember stuttering makes you, you.

Ryan, 10, from Tacoma, WA

There Are Different Types of Stuttering Hi! My name is Daniel. I’m 9 years old and in 4th


I like to swim, play on the phone, and I like dogs. I go to speech because I stutter. Stuttering is when I repeat a word or sound. I use some strategies such as stretchy speech. That is where you stretch out the start of the word for 1 or 2 seconds. The speech teacher who taught me is

Ms. W and there are other students here too and they have different types of stuttering. There are some games we

play in speech too. There is one girl in my class that also stutters. I hope that if you stutter you try again.

Daniel, 9, from Revere, MA

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