It’s Okay If You Stutter A Lot

I stutter a lot and sometimes people laugh at me for it. I really do not like it. I want to tell those kids to stop because it hurts my feelings. I use strategies to help me to not stutter. My strategies

are “B.E.S.T.” ‘B’ stands for Breathe, ‘E’ is for easy starts, ‘S’ is for stretch, and ‘T’ is for take your time. This picture I drew is like me fighting Kylo Ren!

Jack, 2nd grade, from Pewaukee, WI

My Friends Wait For Me

My name is Steven. I’m 11 years old. I play soccer with my big brother. I’m also on a soccer team called the Players. I sometimes stutter when I speak English and Spanish. How I control my stutter is I first take a breath and then I speak slowly. When I stutter my friends wait for me to use my strategies.

Steven, 11, from Reno, NV My Advice Is To Use Strategies

Hi, my name is Devine and I am 8 years old. I am in third grade. I like playing games with my sister, watching Dragon Ball Z, and playing Star Wars. I like to throw rocks across the water. My teacher is Mrs. M. I do stutter, but people don’t make fun of me. It’s okay to stutter! I really stutter when I read books. I stutter when I am in trouble because I feel afraid that I might get punished. I use chunking, stretchy snake, light touch, and big breaths. My favorite is chunking because I like spreading out words so people can understand me. My advice is to use strategies to help. Try to be brave if you get in trouble, like Goku in Dragon Ball Z.

Devine, 8, from Milwaukee, WI

Hockey Is Cool!

I don’t stutter when I yell during hockey games! Kameron, 9, from Cincinnati, OH


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