ACHEMA 2021 with a new look and new focal themes

More modern, more interactive and always at the pulse of the process industry: that will be the hallmark of ACHEMA 2021. With three new focal topics, a new website and new event formats, the world forum for the process industry is entering its next round. Exhibitor registration is in full swing.

The process industry is the innovation driver of the global economy and pacesetter for numerous industrial sectors – and as such today more important than ever. Virtually all global value creation networks profit from the achievements of chemistry,

pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and the process industry in some way. Direct exchange between researchers, developers and users who offer innovative solutions from the lab via processes to packaging and logistics for these industries is crucial. Since 100 years, ACHEMA is the undisputed platform for this exchange. It highlights new perspectives and mobilizes synergies.

Depth and breadth = new networks and synergies

From research to industrial application, from the customer order via production to delivery – the individual steps within the process industries cannot be considered isolated from each other. That’s especially true in the face of progressing automation and digitization. Therefore, exchange across industries and steps within value chains is essential. That’s where ACHEMA’s special profile comes into play: it covers all aspects of the process industries and brings all stakeholders together in one place for one week. Thanks to its breadth, ACHEMA is not only the place where a Chinese plant engineer gets to talk to the French pump supplier or the Italian formulation expert to the American pharma producer. Scientists and practitioners meet, too, and solutions from one niche could give an impulse for challenges in other fields. At the same time, ACHEMA – which is also the world’s largest exhibition for pumps and compressors – offers the depth that

allows every participant a profound overview of their field of expertise.

That’s in focus ACHEMA’s claim to set impulses for the whole industry is proven by the focus topics. They address trends that are relevant far beyond individual exhibition groups. For 2021, they are

• Product and process safety

The increasing use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in plant operation and production puts IT and cyber security at the top of the agenda. Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent. The interplay between the physical and virtual worlds must therefore be secured. Weak spots along the entire value chain have to be evaluated and eliminated, from the procurement of raw materials to the recycling of products at the end of their useful life.

• “The digital lab” It’s in many cases still a long way to go before intelligent digital workflows will be implemented in a fully networked laboratory. The minimum basis is the construction of a powerful IT environment and fully integrated devices; but it can also go up to a complete redesign and repartitioning of laboratories.R&D laboratories and quality assurance laboratories may pursue different approaches. Therefore, a modular design is just as reasonable for the laboratory as it is for production facilities. Both laboratory types generate a large amount of data, which must be evaluated using big data methods.

• Modular and networked production Manufacturing processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries must be flexible, fast and cost-effective. Modular process skids that offer these features are pre-assembled, tested in the pilot plant and then assembled on site. The skids are equipped with their own programmable control logic or can be integrated into a higher-level process control system. Module Type Packages (MTP) with open standard interfaces allow for true interoperability. Modular systems are the key to meeting customer


requirements for small batches of different products.

And there are yet more novelties: Based on the proven ACHEMA concept with its unique range of topics and the established interplay of exhibition and congress, the organizers at DECHEMA are currently working on new formats that will offer even more opportunities for discussion and networking. These include matchmaking tools as well as new interactive event formats. They are intended to stimulate discussion and provide additional impulses.

Digital Hub and Startup Area The Digital Hub will be the central gathering place for digital experts and enthusiasts at ACHEMA 2021. It’s where the „classic“ stakeholders of the process industry get together with solution providers from the digital world. What solutions are available, what is required? How can the delicate processes be digitally implemented and supported? And where are best practices from other industries that might serve as blueprints? Exhibitors and visitors can learn all this and more at the digital hub.

Special emphasis is given to startups at ACHEMA 2021. Young, flexible companies can move whole industries with innovative ideas. At ACHEMA, they will be offered their very own stage.

Thus ACHEMA, which celebrates its centenary in 2020, offers the opportunity to truly experience the latest solutions and products for the process industry and to make global contacts. The newly designed website provides an information centre that not only covers the latest news on the event but also puts a spotlight on important topics, thus giving exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to set the tone and find out about new trends in advance.

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