Pörner Group expands its portfolio for sustainable processes and takes over the water business from Siemens Austria

On March 1 2020, the Pörner Group expanded its portfolio with the business area for water treatment engineering in the oil and gas industry. The new ‘Pörner Water’ competence center adds industrial water treatment to Pörner’s range of services - from the concept study to the implementation of entire projects and predictive maintenance.

Sustainability with water treatment at Pörner

Pörner created a new competence center on March 1, 2020 for more sustainability in dealing with one of the most important resources on earth, water. After Siemens Austria had decided to discontinue its water business in Europe, the water experts led by Dr. Robert Vranitzky were integrated into the Pörner Group.

The engineers of the new ‘Pörner Water’ division have in-depth process know-how and competence for industrial water treatment as well as many years of experience in project management and execution of international projects.

Accumulated water competence Over the past decades, the team has planned, executed and successfully commissioned a large number of industrial water treatment plants in Europe, Central Asia and selected countries in Africa. The portfolio ranges from water treatment plants in the oil production (upstream) for deoiling of produced water to the treatment of process water in refineries (down- stream).

While the treatment scheme for produced water treatment primarily consists of flotation units followed by special media filters (walnutshell filters), the entire technology spectrum of process water treatment is applied in downstream installations.

In addition, numerous innovation projects for new technology applications in water treatment for the oil and gas industry were implemented and customers were supported in the digital transformation.

Maintenance over the entire life cycle Pörner’s service in the field of water treatment goes beyond the commissioning of plants – with service


Water treatment along the oil and gas value chain

The ‘Pörner Water’ team takes up its work to realize complete projects integrating all engineering disciplines and according to Pörner’s tried and tested execution methods - from one hand and from a single source.

and predictive maintenance for the accomplished plants. The aim of this “life cycle service” is the long-term preservation of the value of the plants and their maximum availability.


Considering the growing shortage of fresh water resources and increasing environmental requirements, water treatment and the use of water in closed cycles become more and more important. With the new water competence center, Pörner can support its process industry customers even better in order to sustainably minimize energy and water consumption and emissions of their plants.

The expertise from the implementation of complex water treatment systems with multi-stage processes enables Pörner to offer tailored project solutions to the industry. This knowledge is continuously extended in cooperation with the leading suppliers of special water technologies and treatment systems (OEMs, Own Equipment Manufacturer).

The Pörner Group is the independent European company for process plant engineer-ing. As complete plant engineering provider the Pörner Group offers the full range of engineering services: from project studies and authority engineering to process engi-neering, basic and detail engineering as well as procurement to construction man-agement and commissioning of the plant.

The Pörner Group offers advanced technologies for residue processing including: bitumen (BITUROX), solvent deasphalting (SDA PLUS), extraction (EXTRACTION) dewaxing & deoiling (DEWAXING / DEOILING), spray micronization (MICRONIZATION) as well as BTX aromatics extraction (AROMEX) and formaldehyde and derivates. Furthermore are included climate- friendly technologies, such as Bio- Silicates from rice hulls (PÖRNER BIO-SILICATES), used oil re-refining, depolymerisation of plastic waste, Power-to-X (PtX) and Fisch-Tropsch processes for PtX. With the Biturox® process, the Pörner Group is a global leader in bitumen production in refineries and offers the Pörner Bitumen Packing System, an innovative solution for the economical transportation of bitumen in cold state.

Since its founding in 1972 the Pörner Group has implemented over 2,000 projects in the field of refinery, petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical as well as energy and environmental technology. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria the company is represented at eight other locations in Germany, Romania, Ukraine and Russia.

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