Status’ Latest product guide contains more content

Status Instruments Ltd latest product guide following on from the success of the new website, which saw a massive transformation to a sleek updated format.

The guide has a new section on field mounted displays, solutions overview and even a page illustrating their free apps and PC software .

The company has been established since 1982 and has been serving a variety of industries with process instrumentation, the products have been used in a variety of applications, although processes differ in nature, the product software remains flexible to accommodate challenging environments.

The product guide offers further focus on pre-existing package solutions such as the STA206 and Status’ popular rapid analogue in-head transmitters.

On page 22, you’ll find the new SEM320, the latest from Status’ R&D department, combining the SEM310 MKII dual input HART 5,6,7 in-head temperature transmitter with built in LCD display.

The SEM320 temperature transmitter is a universal device which accepts most commonly used Pt100, thermocouple,

mV, potentiometer sensors and generates an industry standard (4 to 20) mA transmission signal. Compatible to HART 5, 6, or 7 the product can be easily programmed using our free USB Speedlink software and a standard USB lead It can also be programmed via a HART communication device / system.

Isolation is a standard feature to overcome any potential ground loop effects and a sensor referencing facility enables the transmitter to be calibrated to a particular sensor.

This HART temperature transmitter has two inputs. This allows the connection of two sensors. Maths functions such as difference, average, highest, lowest, sensor redundancy (TC and mV only) are available. The math function of both inputs is then reflected in the 4 to 20mA output.

The product also comes with a calibration feature so both the offset and span can be adjusted to match a particular temperature sensor when

applied to a known reference temperature.

The HART temperature transmitter can be ordered with any of our temperature probes and comes in the SCH55 head.

The display shows the output temperature in two different formats, in both graphical and numerical format, with custom messaging and up to 4-digit display.

This product is currently pending SIL and ATEX approval, join us on LinkedIn to make sure you don’t miss out or order now, contact us.

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