Christof Babinsky | Managing Director, ASB

penetration and retraction. A leader in the fi eld of glass sports fl oors, ASB, has a reputation for innovative and sustainable design and has already done much to revolutionise squash courts with some of the most modern fl ooring systems currently on the market.

GAME CHANGER WITH THE TAP OF THE SCREEN ASB, short for Aluminum System Construction, was founded in 1965 near Munich. Their MultiSports fl oor, for example, not only meets all technical requirements of a modern sports surface but it off ers features such as a touchscreen that allows users to instantly “switch on” a professional playing fi eld for any type of sport. And with LumiFlex, they have created a full video fl oor to turn the entire fl oorspace into a multi-functional monitor and a unique visual experience. Managing Director Christof Babinsky gave me the background: “The ASB GlassFloor was originally developed for a squash court that has four sides already built out of glass and is installed outdoors - this is where my father, Horst Babinsky, in 2005 came up with the idea of using thinner glass sheets as an elastic sports fl oor. “The idea of marking lines with LED screens under the fl oor had not been born at that point in time - the main purpose was about changing advertising under the fl oor easily and to provide a waterproof surface in case the court is installed outdoors. We have identifi ed two clearly distinguishable products - the ASB MultiSports fl oor, the fl oor that has all the basic marking lines underneath for diff erent types of sports and then we have the ASB LumiFlex as a product, which is the full video product. In addition to this we have a similar product called


ASB DigitalWallpaper that we use in interior architecture projects as it fully integrates LED walls as an architectural installation that touch, and feel like architectural product rather than screens. The challenge is in implementing these products in larger public buildings as well as applications where the fl oor takes a leading role in customer guidance throughout the building.” I asked him if there was one

project that showcases the use of technology more than any other, a tough question given the number he has under his belt. “I would say the BallsportARENA in Dresden shows one of the highest degrees of fl exibility by applying an ASB MultiSports fl oor,” he said. “The Volleyball Supercup last year, on the other hand, showed the full potential of ASB LumiFlex with the interactive features for high-end sports tournaments. “And the Microsoft Dublin project with the digital waterfall and a digital lake is the best reference for the use of interactive architectural surfaces to change a day-to- day environment that normally does not change and to engage in meaningful communication between people who would not normally communicate.” One can only guess what’s coming

next. One thing is for sure: you’ll see it at DOMOTEX fi rst.

Under construction, a typical sports hall fl oor of around 485 sqm. Diff erent lines can be used for tennis, handball, volleyball, basketball and badminton. It has a substructure of 2,335 metres, aluminium support frame, fi xed elastically on 2,830 17cm high supports. The glass fl oor comprises 165 panels of various dimensions laid out on the support frame. In terms of illumination, there are 850 metres of marking lines, blue LEDs laid out in aluminium channels. The glass fl oor panels are laminated SGG STADIP security panels made of two tempered security glass parts separated by 1.52mm thick PVB foil.




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