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IFA: connected appliances will drive growth in MDAs

AHEAD OF September’s IFA show in Berlin, journalists from around the world gathered in Andalusia, Spain, for the annual IFA global press conference.

The major domestic appliance market is set to grow 2.8% in 2019, following growth of 1.2% last year, according to new data from GFU, the organiser of IFA, which takes place at Messe Berlin from September 6-11. Hans-Joachim Kamp, chairman the

of supervisory board of GFU

Consumer and Home Electronics, said: “The sales around the globe will reach €183 billion (£156.5bn). For the past 10 years, this market has been growing continuously in terms of units and turnover. Growth is being driven by innovation and energy efficiency.” Kamp highlighted the findings from the annual GFU survey, in which 61% of participants said that they would buy a new major domestic appliance because it requires less water and energy, making it much more environmentally friendly. “Products with added value drive

positive market developments,” he said. “In the field of major domestic appliances, hobs

with integrated

hoods, washing machines with steam functions and no-front combi fridges over 2m high are convincing examples,” he said.

Kamp said that the small domestic

appliances category will grow 7.2% in 2019, with the market expected to reach €90bn – after growth of 7.4% in 2018.

“Seven per cent of growth will

adorn every product category in small

domestic appliances, which

represents the biggest increase in the market for technical consumer goods,” he added. “With its huge variety of products, small domestic appliances is a very innovative segment. More and more versatile and high-performance products make everyday life more comfortable and help to save time and

resources. Small domestic

appliances make life healthier, richer and often more comfortable, providing positive experiences, fun and well-being.”

Small domestic appliances with Top tech to look out for at IFA

Candy Group, which was acquired last autumn by Chinese brand Haier, will be launching its Rapid’ò washing machines, which work in tandem with a dedicated app with a Snap and Wash (pictured) option. Yannick Fierling, chief executive of Haier Europe, said: “Haier Europe is creating the most attractive IoT [Internet of Things] ecosystems to generate value and deliver outstanding user experience.”

Owners of the new Candy Rapid’ò washing machines will be able to use the Snap and Wash app to take a picture of their laundry pile so that its built-in algorithm can analyse the material of each item and then automatically set the appropriate program and maximum water temperature for the wash. From Hoover,

Fierling also previewed the new

H-KEEPHEAT 700, which offers the prospect of being able to keep meals at the perfect serving temperature for up to two weeks – doing away with the need for freezing and reheating dishes.

Making use of its new Exever technology, the top-spec convection oven is able to keep its chamber at between 63°C or 70°C, depending on what ingredients have been used, ensuring that the perfect temperature is used to preserve the food for a prolonged period. Hisense, which acquired Slovenian brand Gorenje last summer, announced a new minimalist and kitchen- matched design for the Chinese brand’s new PureFlat

June 2019 · kbbreview

refrigeration range. Julian Lietzau, marketing


Hisense Gorenje in Germany,


and Switzerland, said: “The Flat door design evenly fits in

every kitchen, with no overlapping edges or handles due to optimised counter depth.”

Lietzau also announced that the company’s sponsorship of the Euro 2020 championship will feature both Hisense and Gorenje brands, running across TVs, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, smartphones, tablets, air conditioning and SDA product categories. Finnish company Safera said it is changing the smart cooking game with the launch of Safera Sense, the first complete smart cooking sensor, which recognises various cooking events and sets timers automatically, monitors air quality and tells you when it’s time to ventilate, and activates an alarm if the hob has been accidentally left on. Mikko Reinikainen, Safera’s founder, said: “This one-button device is very simple to use, and is packed with highly advanced technology.”

Safera Sense works with smart-home systems (Google Home, Alexa, HomeKit) or the smart sensor can be paired with the wireless Safera Smart Cooker Controller.

the biggest growth rates expected in 2019, Kamp said, are robotic vacuum cleaners, which will increase 35%, rechargeable handstick vacuum cleaners by 47% and fully automatic espresso machines by 19%. Looking at connected appliances, Kamp said that increased connectivity in appliances continues to stand out as a development feature and is one of the growth drivers.

“The functionality of connected devices is already quite high and will be enhanced even more this year,” added Kamp. “The share of connected major domestic appliances increased to 15% of the market in 2018, a growth rate of 20%; connected smart small domestic appliances grew even faster, 69% in 2018, while the market share reached 6%.”

Bathroom Takeaway ploughs £1.35m into UK market

CL IC K S - A ND- B R IC K S Bathroom retailer Bathroom Takeaway has announced a £1.35 million investment in its UK business with a focus on growing its digital presence, staff development and “streamlining stock

with key suppliers to

support sales growth”. Set up in 2014, the online retailer, which has physical stores in Salford and Sutton Coldfield, said it was reducing its presence in mainland Europe, which will free up £100,000 to go towards its UK operation. Chris Norton (pictured), director at Bathroom Takeaway, said: “Digital marketing is a huge passion of mine and, with this added investment, we can now further strengthen our digital capabilities and capitalise on the progress we’ve made so far. “For the time being, we will be

reducing our presence in mainland Europe, which frees up £100k to go towards the UK arm. With UK house price growth continuing to slow while we await the outcome of Brexit, we’ve seen an increased trend for homeowners to invest in their bathrooms and kitchens rather than moving home. So now seems like the perfect time to make this added investment and pass our savings on to our customers.” Norton added: “We’re incredibly

proud of our people and strong customer service record and really do feel it is what truly sets us apart. With this added investment, we will be working closely to offer exceptional training and progression opportunities for our existing employees, many of whom have been with the business for many years.” In March, Julian Smith, former

MD of Bathroom Takeaway, stepped down from his role in the company.


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