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Experiential retail: how the face of kitchen retailing is changing

Consumers need a retail experience that inspires them. Jonathan Hartley, channel manager for kitchen retail and B2B at Samsung UK, explains how its Ambassador Training Programme can help its retailers make sure they create the kind of ‘retailtainment’ that clinches the sale

t Samsung, we are constantly developing. As a global technology brand, you’d expect nothing less than inspired products to engage and enthuse consumers. To ensure that our products and our latest technology reach consumers and engage them in an experiential journey, we recognise the need to immerse and support our kitchen retailers in every aspect of bringing our appliances to life in their own showrooms. This ultimately is where the real magic happens! We propose solutions that reflect personal


preferences, as well as functionality and efficiency, with the design of our products. Consumers are diverse in both expectations and desires – they choose to invest in experiences they have as part of their purchasing journey, rather than just viewing products alone. Theatre and engagement are key to retailers wishing to satisfy this new consumer desire and retailers need to embrace this change while striving to meet their needs and expectations. Consumers are changing fast. As technology and the customer change, so too must our ability to offer an immersive experience that creates the desire and need for the products they view. This change in buying patterns is being seen across all consumer demographics and ages. They don’t want to just walk into your shop, buy the

product and leave – because this is transactional and the customer is becoming more transformational, as greater research in appliances can now be done in the comfort of their own home. While that provides details and facts, it does not create the dream and desire that you as a retailer can capture when the consumer visits your showroom. The ability to create a call to action and encourage the consumer, through various platforms, to visit your showroom is important – be this through social media, local advertising or planned events. Yet the real experience available to the consumer starts the moment they enter your showroom. One of the major trends in kitchen design is that the mind-set and lifestyle of the consumer is reflected in their space. By creating a truly immersive retail experience, retailers can capture their imagination and create product desire, ensuring that they leave not just with your design, but also memories of how this kitchen plan and the appliances within it can come to life in their own home. Across many high-street showrooms of varying

product sectors ‘retailtainment’ is growing fast as it offers consumers a combination of retail and entertainment.

Retailers can develop their visibility on our appliances as part of this change through the support

provided within our Samsung Ambassador Training Programme. As customers want more Samsung appliances from our Kitchen Circle Partners, we can work more closely to provide consumers with unique, immersive experiences that elevate product interaction to another level – changing a wish into a want and must-have in your showroom. The retail landscape is always changing and early adopters of change in kitchen showrooms are recognising that it is down to how they adapt and present products to a consumer that has also changed. It is important, as part of this change, to focus consumer attention from simply discussing appliance features and benefits, to presenting actual tailored customer experiences. Samsung has visualised new concepts and approaches within what is experiential selling.

UK consumers have a vast array of choice of kitchens and appliances to spend their money on. To make sure your business maintains footfall and is successful, you need to offer a desirable experience to drive sales. This is where we have a desire to work with you and support you in this next era of retailing that is being driven by the consumer. Interactive showroom: Samsung can help

retailers ensure that the senses, as well as appliances, are connected, through interactivity within the presentation and product journey. Outside the box: Make the journey authentic and natural, yet engage the customer so that they can visualise the products as part of their lifestyle, understanding what it is that adds value to their experience of Samsung products. Connectivity: Customers want a personalised experience that feels like it has been created specifically for them, while presenting the visionary lifestyle they aspire to through their new kitchen and its appliances. Differentiation: These unique experiences are critical to ensure your showroom is remembered, both when they enter and when they leave. Even if they visit another showroom, you’ve set the experience as one they will circle back to to secure the order with you. They will be ultimately ordering not what they thought they wanted, but what they realise they want as a result of the customer experience you provided and a range of products that they now realise they need as much as they desire. We take great pride in suggesting solutions and

product innovation that consumers really need, while carefully ensuring that we satisfy what they are looking for aesthetically. • For more information on becoming a Kitchen Circle Partner and enrolling on our Samsung Ambassador Training Programme (SATP) see contact details below.

For more information please go to or email

June 2019 · kbbreview

The Kitchen Circle Awards

We encourage all of our kitchen specialists to enter our Kitchen Circle Awards for the chance to be recognised for your hard work and to gain an invitation to Samsung’s Kitchen Circle Awards day. Below, we explain one of the four categories that you could potentially enter to be recognised and honoured through the Samsung Kitchen Circle.

The Showroom Award For Best Regional Kitchen Display

Our valued kitchen specialist partners have enabled our products to become accessible in all corners of the UK. We value the amazing work and effort that goes into creating brilliant kitchen spaces within your showrooms and we want to give them the credit they are due. This award is all about recognition of your passion and expertise as Samsung wants to acknowledge the outstanding job you strive to deliver with your beautiful displays.

The Virtual Flame™ induction hob

• Further details on each of the award categories will be here for you to read about over the next few months. We will also be revealing, closer to the time, more details on the Kitchen Circle Awards event itself, so please stay tuned to this page for your latest Kitchen Circle updates.


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