July, 2020

IPTE Adds Plug-and-Play Version of EasyRouter

Alpharetta, GA — IPTE has added a plug-and-play version to its range of EasyRouter standalone offline de- paneling systems. The new version is equipped with all of the features of the EasyRouter family and can be in- stalled quickly. The IPTE EasyRouter Plug & Play comes with all the necessary tools

Using Subtractive Technology to Build Machine Tooling In-House

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very little margin for error. The flex- ibility of the tooling material helps it to align the different parts, resulting in improved printability. The x/y gantry head scans the topography of the bottom side of the PCB with a laser sensor with a fixed distance. When it encounters a compo-

nent, the head moves in the positive z-direction, keeping the same dis- tance. Attached to the bottom side of the scanning head is a router that carves out the mirror image of the bottom side of the PCB into the pli- able material — completely eliminat-

ing the need for programming. As with a 3D printer, the job can be started and completed tooling re- ceived within a couple of hours. The material cartridge is made

of a corrugated core, with an ESD foam-like material attached to both sides. The double-sided cartridge is good for two dedicated tooling plates. The corrugated core allows for the use of the stencil printer vacuum fea- ture to flatten the PCB onto the foam tooling. A dedicated tooling plate for a

mid-sized PCB will take around two to three hours, with more time re- quired for larger tooling and less

time for smaller fixtures. Once in house, the tooling can be applied to less-critical (from a PCB support per- spective) SMT machines, with the ex- ception of high-temperature applica- tions, such as reflow and wave sol- dering. Using this technology for stencil

printers provides the best of all worlds — in-house, on-demand dedicated tooling for optimum support, vacuum capability and low material cost. Contact: inspire solutions, LLC,

2202 Ranch View Terrace, Encinitas, CA 92024 % 619-300-5586 E-mail: Web: r

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IPTE’s Plug & Play EasyRouter.

and connections, such as cables, hoses, an instruction video, and a 10-step set up guide. After the installation, the machine is ready to begin working. There is no need to wait for an IPTE installation engineer, but if necessary, the IPTE service hotline is available. The system is designed to be ef-

fective for offline use. The machine is equipped with a productive milling tool, which routs at up to 2.4 in./s (60 mm/s) for the fast top routing of cir- cuit boards. Electrical fixture ID, de- tection of correct position of product before placement on milling fixture pins and automatic bit clamping/un- clamping are optional. The system can also be equipped with an acquisi- tion program for production and op- eration data, in order to record the depaneling procedures. Loading and unloading of the

router is done manually, during the separating process. This is enabled by a rotating table on which non- complex and highly functional work- piece holders are mounted. A cobot can be integrated into the

loading and unloading process as well. The x and y drive mechanisms, for the milling operation during the separat- ing process are equipped with modern, fast and precise linear-motor axes. Programming can be carried out

by using standard DXF files or G DATA codes. Other features include storage of the exact bit position in the TS1 software with the aid of a camera and continuous monitoring of ESD value from the milling bit in operation. IPTE offers a full range of depan-

eling systems to comply with all appli- cation requirements in board assem- bly operations. Regardless of the prod- uct mix, the quantities to be manufac- tured and the automation level on the shop floor, the machine provides an ef- ficient solution for each type of cus- tomer. The depaneling system can also be adapted to specific customer re- quirements with multiple options. Contact: IPTE USA, 6245 Shiloh

Road, Alpharetta, GA 30005 % 678-807-0067 E-mail: Web:

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