WORLD OF DIGITAL The Little Black Book of Passwords!

I can tell within minutes of meeting a new customer whether they have a little black book. You know, the one that has all the passwords in it. I never recommend doing this but as I get older, I understand the need and I’d like to make some suggestions:

Buy a new little black book for the New Year BUT buy an address book with A-Z pages. That way you can write the password for say your Gmail account under ‘G’ and not randomly beside all the other information you keep about your Computer. You don’t have to write ‘Gmail’ but if it’s under the right letter, you stand a good chance of finding it in the future. When you write it down, put the date next to it so that when you update your password, you can write it in the book again with the new date.

My recommended way however, is to devise a password system that works for you, that is easy to remember and easily updated. Spending a bit of time working out a personal password system is worthwhile and helps your brain retain the information when you walk away from the computer.

These are my tips:

1. Pick passwords based on a hobby or interest that has variations within it, for example, car names.

2. Narrow that down further to something like cars from Japan or the UK - perhaps depending on where the website provider is based which will hopefully jog your memory.

3. Pick a make of car but then insert some numbers. For example, if I pick Chevrolet but replace the e with the number 3 so it’s Ch3vrol3t

4. Pick a special character to add to your password. Pick one special character and stick with it: Ch3vrol3t* (note this also has a capital C - and I’m getting to this bit now…)

Once you’ve got into this habit and set the rules, it is much easier to retain the information in your mind. However, I often see people then write it down in their little black book and normally in lower case or upper case forgetting to mark which letters are indeed upper or lower, causing much consternation when they next need to check the password; an ‘o’ can be identified as a ‘zero’ by putting a strike through it thus differentiating the two when written down. If you write all your letters in the same case, then put a mark above or below the alternate case to identify them as upper or lower.

Simple rules to help create strong secure passwords. You could take a look here too: or

David Jeffries 016973 61066 • Solving People’s Digital Problems

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This year, the Cockermouth Poppy Appeal marked the beginning of Remembrance with a presentation at the Cockermouth Town Hall. School children from Cockermouth,

the Cockermouth W.I.

Cockermouth Army Cadets and a selection of businesses were invited to attend the presentation of the George Cole plaque. The Cockermouth Poppy Appeal were presented with the George Cole plaque for monies raised during the 2016 appeal.

The Cockermouth Poppy Appeal has continued to grow, receiving great support throughout the town and surrounding villages with many more businesses, organisations and new volunteers becoming involved. The Cockermouth Army Cadets were a great support this year, providing storage of stock, help packing the boxes and street collections during some harsh weather. Local shops including County Fruit Stores, Firn’s and Floral Boutique provided lovely presentations in their shop windows which were admired by all. Thank you to Sainsbury's Cockermouth and their team for providing the stand, support and refreshments throughout the appeal week and presentation.

This year, the Poppy Raffle was introduced and first prize of Afternoon Tea for Two at the Trout Hotel, Cockermouth went to Angela Thompson of Seaton. Skylark Studio continues to sell handmade Chilli Jam and Christmas Chutney, this will enable the appeal



raise funds

throughout the year and Mrs. Hall’s beautiful handmade beaded


raise funds, year on year.

All funds raised, help provide much- needed support to ex-servicemen and their families and last year, £140,013 was raised.

The appeal has been well-supported and many new faces have joined the team.

Thank you to the ladies at the Cockermouth Town Hall, with special thanks to Mr. Coats for his continuous support and to the team of Poppy Volunteers who help make the Poppy Appeal a success.

Thank you to all and a very Merry Christmas!

Allison Wood

Poppy Appeal Organiser Cockermouth


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