As we approach Christmas, sweet treats are everywhere. The UK chocolate market is worth £4.1 billion and we eat a staggering 437 million kilos every year. Most of it is bad for you, so you might be glad that a bit of quality, dark chocolate does you good.

nutrition with jackie ~MMM... CHOCOLATE ~

The health benefits of dark chocolate are all the rage right now, with some calling it a superfood. I'm not sure I'd go that far but its low sugar content and rich concentrations of beneficial antioxidants and poly-phenols make it a superior snack. It needs to be >70%; the milk and white varieties, although undeniably tasty, don't cut it and have far too much sugar. You'll still need to apply some moderation – a few squares a day, not a few bars. So, what's in it?

• resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant, good for blood pressure, heart health and your brain

• flavanols which are anti-inflammatory

• cocoa butter, containing approximately 33% oleic acid, the same healthy monounsaturate as olive oil

• minerals including potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron, zinc, and magnesium

Companies are springing up making organic, raw chocolate in all sorts of amazing flavours from chilli to gin and tonic. If, like me, you were saddened that the government allowed the Americans to buy Cadbury's and ruin a great British product, you may be interested to know that James Cadbury (great, great, great grandson of the original John Cadbury) has started a business under the brand Love Cocoa, making high quality, ethical chocolate. I've tested it for you (a hard job but someone had to do it). It's delicious on its own, or use it in my favourite Chocolatey Nut Seed Snack, recipe on my website.

Top tips – A little dark chocolate does you good - Merry Christmas!

Jackie Wilkinson - Nutrition Coaching 077824 77364

COCKERMOUTH MARKET NEWS Country Market is closing for its Christmas break

Our last Market in 2017, will be on 22nd December. We will re- open on 12th January, for shorter sessions for the first three weeks, opening at 10.00am instead of our normal 9.00am.

We look forward to seeing customers old and new in January, for all the usual delicious bakes, special diets, preserves, creative crafts and of course our popular coffee shop, where you can enjoy the best value refreshments in town.

We wish all Post readers a happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

LAST COUNTRY MARKET for 2017: 22nd December


Wine Merchants, Delicatessen, Café Bar 01900 826427

11 South Street, Cockermouth, CA13 9RU EMBLETON COMMUNITY HALL


Another Christmas rolls around and it’s hard to see where the last year has gone to. It really doesn’t seem that long since we were taking down all our decorations and putting them back in the box. Time flies, it really does.

Each year, I talk about something a bit different about how we celebrate Christmas in our house. It can be difficult to fully appreciate the season when you’ve been heads down baking until Christmas Eve. That includes a lot of mince pies, stollen and other festive treats. Yet there comes a point every year, where we switch off the ovens in the bakery and turn off the coffee machine in the café, we say goodbye to one another and head off home.

For a few days, I can rest and recover. I don’t have to worry about orders or ordering. I don’t have to think about anything else other than where the next glass of prosecco is coming from. We’ll have all the family back home too which is nice. So, it will be a little bit of a catch up too.


As far as food is concerned, we’re one of those ‘anything but turkey’ families. This year, we have a special joint of locally-prepared pork coming our way. It’s going to be tasty with the best crackling ever. We’ll have it with roast potatoes and the usual vegetables too, including my favourite – sprouts!

I will also do some thinking too! For most people, Christmas is a time to savour – friends, family, festivities, food – for others it’s a time to forget. Bad memories crowd in of loss or hurt. Whatever your experiences of Christmases past, I really hope that this year, you can find joy, peace and happiness, in whatever form that comes. The very best seasons greetings to you all.

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