Lakeland Care prides itself on ‘Making Time for Care’ by providing the best personal and social care for residents and acting as a key part of the extended family to ensure a bespoke support for each resident’s family and friends

le us be part o the family’ ‘We’re here to help -

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Chichester Hall Silloth

016973 32478

It was competition time at a recent meeting, following an Ice Breaker by Vic Emmerson who talked about the testing of drugs. Vic was also the Chairman for the evening and he outlined the rules of the contests.

For the speech competition, the contestants had to give an eight-minute speech to ‘Masterpiece’

standard and the first

contestant was Malcolm Bobbitt with the title Lost Letters. He spoke of some letters written back in 1941 between his father and mother. Malcolm was very pleased to see the correct use of grammar and punctuation that had obviously been taught at ordinary schools at the time. Phil Wilson chose Greetings as his title and he delivered an in-depth look at the various customs of people around the world in just saying Hello. The last contestant was Sandy Emmerson with the title Evil or what? Sandy dealt with gambling, how and why people gambled, from the simple raffle and National lottery, to major players on tables in casinos.

The second competition of the evening was the Topics session, where competitors are given a subject which was Open the box and

must give and 3-minute mini-speech. Phil Wilson talked about the old television show with Michael Miles and members of an audience who had to answer questions to win a key to open a box with a prize inside. Next, was Malcolm Bobbitt who took a similar approach with the same game show. Sandy Emmerson chose a different line using the opening of a chocolate box and linking the different shape and flavour of the chocolates to various times in her life.

The judges declared the winners, with Sandy Emmerson being successful in the Speech Competition and Malcolm Bobbitt taking the Topics. Peter then presented the winners with the trophies. Both competitors are eligible to represent the Club at the Area Competitions in Carlisle early in the New Year.

Peter Hodgson, Publicity Officer


Open Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 5.00pm 01900 65 Main Street, Cockermouth CA13 9JS

until Christmas 11am to 3pm Now open on Sundays

Cockermouth Art & Craft 

  

 

 


 



 

 

 

     

The U3A quilting group exhibition held at Christ Church raised £800 for Hospice at Home. There were many stunning quilts on display from the W.I. as well as the U3A Quilters. Two quilts deserve a mention, as they won prestigious awards at the Great Northern Quilt Show in Harrogate. Imelda Westwood’s beautiful wall hanging received 1st place and the group quilt challenge won a Judges Merit Award. The latter quilt was made up of individual panels worked on over a period of many weeks, with eighteen people taking part in the challenge. All the completed pieces were then collated and sewn together to create a ‘Lakeside Landscape’. There were many inspirational

 ‘Mystery Quilts’

displayed. These were made up of a pattern and instructions given to everyone in the group to compete within a month. Then the following month, another pattern and instructions to sew and so it went on until the pieces eventually came together to resemble a finished quilt. The group are now working on individual quilts in various sizes for the ‘LINUS’ charity for sick children. The finished quits are donated to Local Social Services, Hospices and Hospitals and 600 quilts have already been distributed.

Would you like to be a part of

      this wonderful and 21 DECEMBER 2017 ISSUE 421 PAGE 12 

worthy U3A Quilting group? No experience is needed, just a willingness to learn a unique skill, with expert tuition provided by Imelda herself.

The group meet on Fridays and spaces are limited, so visit the U3A website to show your interest.

New groups for 2018!

TAI CHI - LATIN - CYCLING - GOLF - CIRCLE DANCING - WALKING If you are interested, visit the U3A website.

Wishing all our members past and present, a HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A HEALTHY AND


A special thank you and all the best for the Festive Season to Helen and Mike at the Cockermouth Post.

For further details of membership and all U3A activities, visit

Carole Sykes

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