ALL THE LATEST NEWS, VIEWS AND STORIES FROM AROUND YOUR LOCAL AREA:DECEMBER/JANUARY Seasonal Survival Guide Be the best version of yourself in 2018 Radical Reshape & Rebalance: Starts 8th January

Redefine your health and get into the best shape ever! This 90-day programme addresses hormonal imbalances and

tackles root causes of weight gain, fatigue and emotional eating. Expect to lose weight, gain a visibly leaner physique, sleep better, look younger and feel happier in your own skin!

Gut Transformation Programme: Starts 8th January

Offering intensive clearance and healing to restore optimum gut health; aimed at those with persistent gut-related issues such as bloating, gastric discomfort, “irritable bowel” and food sensitivities. A comprehensive 6-week protocol combines

healing foods and supplements to transform gut health and banish GI symptoms for good!

One Day “Re-boot” Retreat: 20th January A yoga immersion combined with nutritional and lifestyle

inspiration to help you make positive changes in your life, hit the “reset” button and seize control of your own well-being.

See website for full details of events & programmes

Plus 2 NEW Yoga Classes for 2018 Fierce Warrior Flow: Tuesdays 6pm

Redefine your practise and develop a leaner, stronger physique in this stamina building full-body workout.

Once ago there was a pagan mid-winter festival called Yule; it was a 3-nighter – I imagine they feasted on wild boar, washed down with mulled ale! Now celebrations are spread out over weeks so that if you wait until the new year to get “back on track”, you risk doing lots of damage! But you don’t need to go all “bah humbug” either; here are some strategies to help you survive the season and stay healthy as well as happy throughout.

• Don’t deny yourself your favourite foods – give yourself permission to eat what you want; choose wisely but don’t be greedy!

• Eat consciously – the average calorie intake on Christmas day is more than three times our daily requirement. If you quit unconscious grazing on chocolate coins and refrain from“knocking back” every glass of champagne you’re offered, then and you can drastically reduce this.

• Step-up your exercise – if you’re going to eat more calories you need to burn more. Even just a couple of thousand more steps a day will help and if you’re short on time work harder/walk quicker!

• Prioritise your social calendar – anything you can skip? If so, make your excuses and switch the umpteenth monotonous work do (yes I did just write that) for some shut- eye so you look fabulous and ready to party harder when it matters the most!

• Limit/Avoid Alcohol – typically I’ll choose to avoid alcohol as I hate feeling rubbish and I don’t need it to have a great time. But if it is important to you then be cautious; alcohol is a saboteur of restraint, full of empty calories and can disrupt digestion so badly that instead of looking svelte in your LBD you will look pregnant!

Yoga Fundamentals for Beginners:

Starts Tuesday 9th January @ 7.30pm (4-week course) A safe introduction and solid foundation for those keen to improve flexibility, strength and stability through yoga.

Spring Term starts 2nd January – see website for timetable Tel: 07712 531365│Email:


• Get back on track immediately – so it happens, you’ve over-indulged, but you don’t need to go helter-skelter towards self-annihilation. Eat lightly for a day, replace dinner with bone broth and get an early night.

• Finally, think positive – don’t assume that you’ve gained a kilo from an extra mince- pie or two but do weigh yourself regularly!

Should you still find you need help getting “back on your wagon”, you know who to call!

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