Meditate with Joy in Cockermouth

2018 dates

Learn to Meditate with Joy COURSES (advance booking required) 4 February 18 March

Part 1, 1-4pm £40

29 April 10 June

(£35 early-bird price - 4 weeks in advance) Choose one date

Meditate with Joy DROP-IN GROUPS (no booking required - bring mat/cushion/blanket if you wish to lie down)

Monday mornings 10-11.30am £7

Thursday evenings 7.30-9pm £7

Lorton Street Methodist Church United Reformed Church, Main Street January 8, 22 February 5, 19 March 5, 19

January 11, 18, 25 February 1, 8, 15, 22 March 1, 8, 15, 22

Contact Kathy Hick for details and booking on: 07929 753444 IN FITNESS

AND IN HEALTH Why Practise Pilates at

Cockermouth Pilates Studio?

Pilates is great for developing and maintaining core strength, mobility and flexibility. If you practise Pilates exercises regularly your posture will improve, you will look and feel better in yourself, you will be stronger and more supple. If you manage a back condition or back pain Pilates exercises, of the appropriate level, will allow you to exercise safely and effectively without putting you at risk.

At Cockermouth Pilates Studio we are experts on Pilates – between us we have over 30 years of experience of teaching Pilates. There are over 30 sessions of Pilates on our weekly timetable, so you should be able to find a time to practice Pilates that suits you. Our teachers keep up to date with the latest developments in our sector by attending workshops and gaining additional qualifications in speciality areas. We provide all the specialist equipment that you could ever need and more to aid you in your exercise performance, there is no need to bring or buy a mat or any equipment from us.

Our Pilates Courses are graded according to difficulty; they are progressive as each session in a course builds on what was learnt before. By attending a course, you will learn the exercises, practise and refine them under the guidance and observation of a teacher who will notice and correct you if needed. We only teach Pilates, it doesn’t need anything added to it such as Yoga or Boxing. There are plenty of fads in the fitness Industry, we teach what works, not what is in fashion.

At Cockermouth Pilates Studio you can also learn and practise your Pilates exercises in a private session with one of our teachers that is completely tailored to your needs. Our private sessions can be arranged at a time and on a day, that will suit you. Our Studio is a wonderful calming environment, in which to exercise and we invite you to come and join us.



To be honest, I have a bit of a mixed history with Christmas presents, both giving and receiving.

There are those presents I have received, that I’ve enjoyed but on the whole, can’t quite remember who gave them to me, especially those from a long time ago. I can remember with exquisite embarrassment, the ones from my aunty that Mum used to make me wear, when we went to visit.

Equally, I can’t quite remember all the brilliant (I’m sure) presents I’ve given out over the years but I can ‘squirmingly’ remember the ones I gave out that got ‘that look’ when they were unwrapped! Every year, my daughter reminds me to ask before I buy her husband presents Oh, the year of the bonsai tree..!

We will all have those memories, pleasant and otherwise, as we look back over the years. Some will be stand out and most households will be full of laughter when we tell the tales – do you remember when? Aunty Flo – oh yes, she was always inventive with her presents.

There is one gift that I can remember, one that is always on my mind. Every year, every family in the country will have heard about it, most families celebrate it. We call it

CHRISTMAS. It’s the time of year when we remember the best present of all, the birth of a boy child. We might recall the story through carols, songs, cards and calendars. We might go and celebrate it at one of the excellent Christmas services at the churches in town.

Why is this is a present? Well, it’s the true story of an eternal Father, who sends his hurting world the gift of His Son. It’s the story of a loving Father, who offers a way to have a living relationship with Him through His Son. In the story of this birth to a young girl, we can already hear the echoes of Easter – the gifts the Magi bring include oils used for anointing the dead. I can’t imagine how Mary must have felt when she unwrapped that one!

In the story, offers us the opportunity of receiving a once and for all, gratis, free, wonderful gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus, the very baby that God the Father gave to all of us.

The Churches Together in the Cockermouth Area wish you a very Happy Christmas, praying that you will take time to consider the best present of all.

Paul Mogford, Convener of CTICA

The Tanning Place Sunbeds and Beauty Salon

NOW OPEN! 7 Old Kings Arms Lane, Cockermouth

We offer a range of high powered stand up and lie down sunbeds.

One Collatan tube bed perfect for treating skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and wrinkles.

We also have a growing list of beauty treatments available including:

Sienna X Spray Tanning, Waxing, Powder-Dip Nails, Eyelashes Eyebrows and Massage.

OPENING TIMES Monday - Friday 11am-8pm Saturday 11am-6pm and Sunday 11am-4pm

Call 01900 267500 Cockermouth Sunbeds - The Tanning Place 7 Old Kings Arms Lane, Cockermouth

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