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Past Federation President Don Frenkel, Pensacola Interstate Fair at the Federation Convention.

Billy Bob is represented by Capitol International Productions,

David Musselman (on left)

Bobby Jenks of Jenks

Concessions (on left) visits with Pete Sutton at the Clay County Fair.


In the early 1950‘s, Walt Disney toured America‘s carnivals while re-

searching his ideas for Disneyland. He wanted to know what attractions were the most appealing to people -and also what made people un- happy or disgruntled. Apparently, Disney was very disheartened when he visited a certain amusement park in New York City. He found it to be depressing, beaten and dirty. He decided to create a new type of park with a pleasurable and clean environment. In his own words ―We’re going to make it so clean, people will be embarrassed to drop anything on the ground,‖ Thus, one of Disney‘s core values was established. Today, 155 million people flood into the gates of 5 Disney Theme

Parks around the world annually. What attracts all these people? Well – it could be many factors. But one of the first core values Walt instilled from day one was cleanliness. People just love to be in a clean, orderly place. It‘s a pleasurable experience. Consider a well-dressed 8-year old with bows in her hair, leading her shiny-groomed steer for the judges to look over. This is pride. And it attracts people. People may not even realize why they find themselves in such a great

mood on your clean orderly grounds. They just like being there. It feels good. So they stay longer and come back more often…and bring more friends. And they provide support. Fairs offer something that the major Theme Parks of the world have

difficulty achieving. Fairs are annual events for local people. Thus, they build community and establish connection to our immediate neighbors, friends, families, businesses and civic groups. There is tradition, educa- tion, entertainment, competition and community. Nonetheless, we have a challenge confronting us when we consider

cleanliness. How do we achieve neatness when many of the segmented parts of our event are arriving from other places? Those rides, vendors and entertainers sometimes bring the dirt and grease of the highways and byways onto our grounds even after we have cleaned, painted and washed all of our facilities! Well, there are answers to this. Many carni- vals and vendors do realize that cleanliness is of utmost importance to their own business and to the event as a whole. Many of them have developed techniques to keep a better appearance. Where they have, commend them. Reward it. It can be a daunting task to keep clean and attractive while on the road for months at a time. Choosing entertainment that is decent and professional-looking will

also go far in establishing an excellent image. A clean, professional entertainer can make the entire environment seem orderly. Whether a Fair Manager, vendor, ride operator or entertainer, one

must come to grips with the fact that one‘s own appearance has an effect on his own business. And in putting one's own affairs in order, one can influence his surroundings even if only by example.


Belmont Magic & Illusions “Award Winning Showmanship”—(609) 206-5244

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