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ZONE II MEETING ―Kick It Up‖ at the Waldorf

The Florida Federation of Fairs & Livestock Shows, Inc. 62nd

Annual Convention and IAFE Zone II Meeting – entitled ―Kick It Up‖ was held in Naples, Florida on May 16th – 18th. For the third year, the IAFE Zone II Meeting was held in con-

junction with the Florida Federation of Fairs Convention. Combin- ing the two events has been a successful format for both Zone II and the Florida Fairs with over 515 people in attendance, repre- senting 28 Florida Fairs, 7 Zone II Fairs, and over 170 Associate members. Much of the success of the Convention and Zone Meeting goes

to the involvement of the attendees. Over 92 people from Florida Fairs, Zone II Fairs, and Associate members participated in the program as speakers, moderators, or round table facilitators. There was a wealth of valuable information shared and hopefully everyone took home some new ideas. Thursday morning, things started off early as the Trade Show

area took shape with 82 booths by our Associate members. Fed- eration Committees and the Board of Directors also met on Thursday morning to kick off the convention‘s business agenda. The afternoon provided dedi- cated Trade Show time and also round table discussions. This year‘s Educational Sessions were

Belle City Amusements sponsored this year‘s President‘s Party. At right:

are Miss Mary and Charles Panachek—our gracious sponsors!

Friday morning, delegates arrived in great spirits for the official opening session of the convention. Dan West, Federation President welcomed the group and a beautiful version of the National Anthem sung by Brooke Huffmaster opened the convention with a bang! Marlene Pier- son-Jolliffe brought greetings from the IAFE and Rick Vymlatil welcomed the group on behalf of Zone II. The tone of the convention was set by the keynote speaker who was sponsored by Populous. The keynote speaker Dayna Steele entertained and moti- vated attendees with her address ―Find Your Inner Rock Star‖. Delegates spent the rest of the day between the Trade Show and educational sessions and the luncheon sponsored by Wade Shows. The hospitality suite has been a continued

success at the convention. This year‘s Hos- pitality Suite was sponsored by The Dennis Lee Show with refreshments also provided by several member Fairs... Everyone seemed to enjoy the opportunity to socialize and network after hours.

Keynote Speaker Dayna Steele was sponsored by Populous

sponsored by Haas & Wilkerson and the Round Table Discussions were co- sponsored by Capitol International Productions; Miami Dade County Fair & Expo; and North Ameri- can Midway Entertainment. Thursday evening, all registered dele-

gates received a complimentary ticket to the President‘s Party – ―The Not So Wild West‖. The party, in honor of President Dan West, was sensational. President's Party Chairman Theresa Agricola, South FL Fair and her committee created a spectacular event that featured show- cases and a live auction. The event was sponsored by Belle City Amusements. T h e e v e n t was a definite


Bill Hoppert with the Citrus County Fair joins in the fun

with Miriam White with Event Marketing Corporation

Rita Demier for making all of the convention signs. Rita also designs our Directory cover, using the Fairs‘ winning photographs.


While there are many people that make the convention a suc- cess, there are a few volunteers that we would like to say a spe- cial thanks to for all their ―behind the scenes help!‖

Don Blake for being our ―official photogra- pher,‖ taking all of the convention photos. Look for an email telling you when these will be available at

Jeff Shreaves for handling all of the convention audio and video needs. And everyone looks forward each year to his tech tips workshops.

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