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FLORIDA CONVENTION NEWS David Musselman Associate of the Year Secrecy, as usual, was work-

Alta Mosley Inducted into Hall of Fame The suspense builds, as usual, as Ellany Johnson from the Flor-

ida Strawberry Festival approached the podium. Ellany did her best to not reveal the gender of the recipient and true to her sense of humor did a pretty good job. To quote from the nomination form, ―Alta Mosley is well respected by her peers. She takes a very hands-on approach to everything. Alta believes one should set the example for others to follow. One doesn‘t always agree with her but she is willing to listen to your reasoning. Once she makes a decision or determination, she is consistent. Her deci- sions are not made based on ‗which side of the bed she woke up on.‘ Alta brings ―heart‖ to an organization.‖ Alta has a long history of Fair involvement, starting in 1985 as a

member of various committees on the St. Lucie County Fair, to the Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair in 1997 where she was manager until 2011 and is now Manager Emeritus. Her involve- ment in the Federation goes back almost as long, working her way from Trade Show to President in 2007-08. Still with her heart in the industry in February she accepted the

position of Executive Director of NICA, National Independent Con- cessionaires Association. She is ―dedicated to strengthening rela- tionships with the Fair, Festival and Special Events Industries through effective communication, benefits, leadership and solu- tions.‖ Alta is on the IAFE Speakers Bureau and has given talks in sev-

eral states. Her topic is usually ―Providing Guest Services.‖ She has served as President of her Rotary Club and was pre-

sented with the Outstanding Hospitality Service Award in 2009. Though a very busy woman she always finds time for her family. Bobby, Billy, Mary Beth and granddaughters Ashley & Shelby.

Following is a note from Alta: To be recognized by your peers is one of the greatest honors a person could ever receive. Thank you to so many people who have taken their time to share with me, their knowledge, their experience and the gift of their friend- ship. I am humbled by the honor of being included in the Florida Federation of Fairs Hall of Fame. Everything I am, I owe to my family and friends, who inspire me to be better every day.


Alta Mosley, Hall of Fame Inductee David Musselman, Associate of the Year

Stacey Redditt, Institute of Fair Management Scholarship 12

Institute of Fair Management Program Scholarship presented to Stacey Redditt

The annual scholarship to

the Institute of Fair Manage- ment program is sponsored by North American Midway Entertainment. The $1000 award is presented to an enrollee of a member Fair. This year‘s recipient is Sta- cey Reddit. Stacey has been involved in the Fair industry for more than 14 years and enrolled in the program in 2012 in order to gain a better under- standing and a working knowledge of the Fair industry. Stacey has served on several committees. She has attended Annual Conventions, the IAFE Convention and the IAFE Management Conference. Congratulation Stacey!

Stacey Redditt, Martha Leverrock

ing its magic as the time came to announce the Associate of the Year. Felicia Chivington kept the secret and the shock was evident when David heard his name. Nominations have to be concise (approximately 50 words) so it is hard to list the myriad accomplishments David has. ―David and his whole team have been faithful supporters of the Federation for over 20 years. He has been a participant in the Trade Show since it started. He has sponsored many showcases over the years and has handled entertainment for several Fairs‖ David is the owner of Capital International Productions, Inc. Following is a note from David: I have to say I am still in shock. I don‘t think anybody under-

stood why I gave the shortest acceptance speech in history. As I look back at it I think of all the things I should have said. I was totally dumbfounded. When I got to the podium and Felicia hugged me I was at a total loss for words. You could say I was in ―shock.‖ Being part of the association for about 30 years has been my

pleasure and privilege. My motivation each year in attending and supporting the convention was to see and be with all the wonderful people. Many of which I only get to see at this con- vention. It was the folks like you and all the loving and caring partners in the Florida Federation that make it all worth it. I have always felt like we were a family. In Florida the quality of the folks in the Fairs is what I cherish most. They are kind, lov- ing, smart and so helpful if you reach out to them. Thank you, . Most of all, I am honored beyond belief. I will cherish this honor forever.

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