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By Leah J Norris The Fair Industry is a wonderful place, but do you ever

feel like you need a cheat sheet to keep all the acronyms straight? Well, here‘s a little help with two of them. YPI is the Young Professionals Initiative. The International Asso- ciation of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) started this group in 2008 with the mission ―To provide a venue for young pro- fessionals to guide the future of the Fair industry through leadership development, mentoring, incentives, education and idea sharing with the IAFE.‖ It‘s a great way for people under 40 to get involved in the IAFE, which can be intimi- dating for first-timers. FYI is Florida Youth Involved, which was started 2011, as an extension of YPI on a more local level. The FYI is always looking for Fair staff, volunteers, and board members aged 18-40 to get involved. In Vegas at the IAFE Convention, the YPI group has

started to have workshops geared solely to young people in the industry. There are many social events; one includes the Ment-a-Minute, where YPI‘ers get a chance to chit-chat with well-known names from across the country. Names like Marlene Pierson-Jolliffe, IAFE‘s current Chair from WV State Fair and Gary Slater, IAFE Past Chair from Iowa State Fair. There was also a mixer for the YPI group, a place to relax and get to know other young people in the business and talk about what concerns you. The FYI group here with the Federation is still trying to

get a broader base of participation. And we need YOUR help! Do you have someone at your Fair that is passionate

about the Fair industry and is between 18-40? We would love to get them involved! Please have them contact me at for more information on the FYI Program, as well as the YPI. You can also go to https://!/pages/Young-Professionals-Initiative -IAFE/184151644966984 to check out the YPI Facebook page and get signed up for the newsletter. We need to cultivate young people‘s passion in our indus-

try. Personally, I can‘t imagine a world without Fairs, Festi- vals, and Livestock Shows in it, but that is likely to happen if we don‘t work to get young people invested in our future.

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