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OABA UPDATE -b ob Jono, O A Presid t and CEO y B

Dear Friends, With many state legislatures end-

ing their 2013 Sessions, the OABA was successful, along with our Board members and friends from the Fair industry, in protecting and advocating for the mobile entertain- ment industry and your family busi- ness. We were successful in Ari- zona, Texas, West Virginia and are still hoping for additional legislative successes in New York and Massa- chusetts, with our legislative initia- tives. Thanks again to the OABA Board members, State Fair asso- ciations and Fairs for preserving the future of this industry. By the way, how many of you noticed that the OABA‘s Mission

statement changed last month? Our Strategic Planning Commit- tee fined tuned our Mission, with Board approval at the recent Spring Board meeting held in New Orleans. They believe this mission is more succinct and truly represents what we do as your industry trade association to help you, our members. It now reads:


The federal government‘s Senate Judiciary Committee began

last month to ―mark-up‖ the Gang of Eight‘s Comprehensive Immi- gration Reform bill, plodding through some 300 amendments, trying to modify this bill. Perhaps by the time you read this, we will know more as whether or not Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) has a chance of getting passed this year. We also know that the House of Representatives is also working on their CIR version. You should know that the mobile entertainment in- dustry is lobbying members of this Senate Committee to preserve and protect the H-2B, seasonal, foreign work- force program from further burdensome regu- latory compliance and costly changes that the Department of Labor wants to impose. This industry knows this is a supplemental work- force program, helps this seasonal industry especially through the Fair season and for over 10 years, we have relied on these wonderful, foreign workers to help entertain our guests. We have written letters to both Florida Sena-

tors, Nelson and Rubio, and have talked with their legislative staff members about our key issues in maintaining this seasonal workforce program, in addition to the ―W‖ visa program proposed. The IAFE and the festivals organi- zation, the IFEA have been wonderful allies with letters of concern in support of this indus- try. This past week, we just finished getting our

featured editorial, regulatory and DOT up- dates, and manufacturer and supplier advertis- ing along with photos of recent events for the June issue of ShowTime. Thank you for embracing our 2012 OABA

Chair, Jeanne McDonagh at last month‘s FFF‘s and Zone 2 Convention in Naples, as I know Jeanne always enjoys being with her many Fair and midway industry friends, as well as representing the OABA. Safe travels and wishing you a wonderful

Summer! 39 hsn AB en Spring Managers Meeting—West Palm Beach

Left to right: Stacey Redditt; David Viers; John 0wens, Vina Jean Banks

Florida was well

represented at this year‘s IAFE Spring Management Conference

Martha Leverock, Gayle Hart, Bill Olson, Stephen & Miriam White

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