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2013 LEGISLATAIVE UPDATE The 2013 Legislative Session ended on

Friday May 3rd, and for the Federation and our member Fairs, it was a good session. There was no change to our current sales tax exemption, any new fees or taxes, no change to Chapter 616 F.S. governing Fairs, and Fairs premium monies were budgeted in the FDACS budget and are safe for another year. In looking to increase state residents travel in Florida, significant funding for the Visit Florida Campaign to increase tourism internally was included in the budget. The Legislature passed a $74.5 billion dollar balanced budget for

the 2013-2014 Fiscal Year with strong bi-partisan support, This budget focused on funding key priorities of the Governor, Speaker of the House and Senate President, including an additional $1.5 billion in K-12 education funding, No new taxes or fees, and en- suring a fiscally responsible $2.8 billion in reserves. A key initiative of leaders in both Houses, the Legislature passed

HB 569 that institutes a number of campaign finance reforms, includ- ing increasing the amount an individual can contribute to a candidate per election cycle to $3,000 for statewide and Supreme Court candi- dates and $1,000 for any other candidates at the local or state level. The Legislature also passed SB 2 and SB 4 relating to ethics reform of elected and appointed officials, both issues were key elements of the Senate and House‘s joint legislative agenda, ―Work Plan Florida‖. One of Governor Scott‘s two priority issues, reduction in sales tax

on manufacturing equipment, HB 7007 passed the last week of ses- sion and has been signed into law. The bill establishes an Economic Development Programs Evaluation, revises the date on which Depart- ment of Economic Opportunity & Enterprise Florida, Inc., are required to report on business climate & economic development in the state, and provides for exemption from tax imposed under Ch. 212, F.S., for certain machinery & equipment. For businesses paying high worker comp rates, SB 662 (Workers Comp) Revises the requirements for determining the amount of a reimbursement for repackaged or rela- beled prescription medication; prohibiting a dispensing manufacturer from possession of a medicinal drug until certain persons are paid. This bill will reduce workers comp rates and stop abuses of dispens- ing medications by doctors providing services to worker comp pa- tients, and that they follow the new law. With the upcoming 2014 election and campaign cycle, now is a

great time to reach out to your respective Senator and Representative and educate them about your Fair and gain their support. With 160 members of the legislature, it is critically important that we work to- gether to promote and protect Fairs in the state. It is an honor to represent the Federation and our great members in

Tallahassee, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have on any legislation or regulation affecting your Fair.

Phi Leary

Florida’s Newest CFE….Bill Olson Bill Olson, (shown here with IAFE Chair

Marlene Jolliffe) Vice President of Opera- tions for the Greater Jacksonville Agricul- tural Fair, has recently received his des- ignation as a Certified Fair Executive by the IAFE. The Award Designation was made April 27th, 2013 during the IAFE Management Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida. The certification is based on a rigid scorecard of Management Skills, Education and Leadership. Drawing from over 3,200 organized Fairs in the United States and Canada, a total of seventeen (17) Fair Executives from all over the country qualified for the coveted CFE Award in 2013. Bill has been the Vice-President of Operations for the Jacksonville

Fair since January, 2005 and presently serves on the Board of Direc- tors of the Florida Federation of Fairs. Since joining the Federation Board, Bill has been active on many committees and has rapidly be- come a valuable asset to the organization. Bill was born in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin but he attended Ocala

Forest High School here in Florida, graduating in 1996. After graduat- ing from high school, Bill enrolled at the University of North Florida. While at UNF he pledged Pi Kappa Phi fraternity and graduated with his Bachelor‘s of Science communications Degree in 2003. He is pur- suing his Masters in Business Administration at UNF and he is also enrolled in the IAFE Institute of Fair Management. Bill has been married to his wife, Jacque, an Audiologist, since

2008. They are parents to a little girl, Alyssa Katherine, aged 3. In his free time he enjoys playing golf and boating. On behalf of the entire Federation – Congratulations to Bill Olson – our newest CFE!


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