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Marlene Pierson-Jolliffe, IAFE Chairman “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu At the end of the 2011 IAFE Convention, I sat alongside my

2013 Program Chair Becky Brashear and we scribbled convention theme ideas on a paper napkin. When I wrote the words ―Dream Big‖ on that napkin, I knew in an instant it was ―the one.‖ Not only do these words inspire all of us, they have now become synony- mous with our focus on hunger and our ―Dream Big Initiative‖ sim- ply labeled “Food from Fairs will Feed the Hungry.” When we originally discussed the goal for how many pounds we

would raise, I considered five million by the end of November 2013. The more I learned about the programs that were already in existence at member Fairs and their impact, as well as with en- couragement from the IAFE staff, I became convinced that we could reach 20 million pounds. To date there have been many success stories, particularly from

our friends at our Florida Fairs, and our total today stands at 170,074 pounds. Florida fairs have been big winners in the IAFE‘s Dream Big initiative. Showing the world how fairs have tremendous social im- pact ,

IAFE Chair,

The South Florida Fair won the IAFE Food Drive drawing for February

of food to feed the hun- gry. Etix, an IAFE asso- ciate member, immedi- ately signed on to help encourage Fairs to par- ticipate by awarding a $500 prize every month in a random drawing of all Fairs which did food drives that month. In the first four months

Marlene Pierson-Jolliffe of the State Fair of West Virginia challenged all members to do a food drive during their 2013 event, with the goal of raising 20 million pounds

The Florida Federation of Fairs

held a Food Drive in conjunction with the Convention/

On left below, Marlene Jolliffe

and right Rachel Mundhenke with IAFE

monthly winners and a total of SEVEN Florida Fairs have submit- ted drive totals thus far. South Florida Fair was selected for Feb- ruary – and donated their $500 to the Palm Beach County Food Bank. The Firefighters‘ Indian River Fair was the winner for March. The St. Lucie County Fair was drawn as the monthly win- ner for May and donated their $500 prize to the Mustard Seed Ministries. Congratulations to all Florida Fairs participating in this tremen-

dous activity. The Osceola County

Fair (right) and the Clay County Fair (below) also held a Food Drives at their Fairs.

The St. Lucie County Fair won the IAFE Food Drive drawing for May

of the campaign, THREE Florida fairs have been selected as

We hope all Fairs yet to be held in 2013 will

conduct a Dream Big food drive for their community.

Other Fairs are

encouraged to hold a food drive during off season events.


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