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FLORIDA FAIR NEWS The 62nd Annual Youth Fair

Exposition‘s 62nd year proved to be a big success. Hundreds of thousands joined the fun and experi-

Proves To Be A Huge Success! The Miami-Dade County Youth Fair &

enced new rides, foods, live entertainment and visited the student ex- hibits and animals. ―The entire Youth Fair team including our over 700 volunteers and

sponsors are absolutely delighted with the results from the 2013 Youth Fair,‖ said Bob Hohenstein, President & CEO. ―This is our organiza- tion‘s major annual fundraiser and we sincerely thank everyone that visited us and enjoyed a wonderful day of fun. We know a lot of great memories were created this spring.‖ 2013 Youth Fair Highlights: Hosted 575,500 guests plus vendors,

concessionaires and contractors without one major incident of any kind either during our pre-Fair setup, during the Youth Fair and afterwards. The 575,500 attendance number is up 18% from 2012 and is the high- est attendance level since 2008. During the Youth Fair more than 175,000 vehicles were parked. Sales of food and beverage were up 29% versus the prior year. Games sales were up over 18% versus prior year. Rides' gross sales were up 12% versus prior year. Shat- tered the one-day rides' sales figure on Friday, March 29, topping the one-day record set on the same day in 2012 by 6%. Over 45,000 K-8 and exceptional students attended this year‘s Youth Fair during five School Field Trip Days. This represented a 12% increase versus prior year. Field Trip Day admission was free for students, teachers and chaperones. 3,100 youngsters took advantage of our Sunday FunDays free admission offer.

2013 The Florida Strawberry Festival

was a Masterpiece of Fun! The Board of Directors and Staff of the Flor-

ida Strawberry Festival are counting their blessings as the 2013 annual event closed out on March 10th as a great success. The 78th anniversary of the Flor-

Manager Paul Davis with two of the many volunteers that help during the Festival.

Festival is grateful to have played a part in making memories that will last a life- time for our guests and our 2,800 volunteers. The Festival was record

breaking! The second week- end welcomed in more than 200,000 patrons through the gates. The Florida Straw- berry Festival is primarily an agricultural fair, formed for a community celebration.

ida Strawberry Festival was a memorable celebration. What made this year a success was the support of our friends and family in the com- munity. Our patrons refused to miss out on a chance to enjoy the fabu- lous entertainment, fantastic exhib- its, thrilling rides on the Belle City Amusements Midway, delicious food, and of course luscious straw- berries. Even though we experi- enced some cool days, we enjoyed sunshine, food, family, and fun. The

. Our founding principles continue to be the guiding purpose

of our Festival while we strive to enrich the lives of thousands of our area youth. During our 78th annual event, more than 5,635 students participated in competitive and agricultural con- tests with 1,503 students received more than $725,000.00 in funding through premium awards, scholarships and sales. While the Florida Strawberry Festival closed its doors after

eleven exciting, eventful, memorable days, we look forward to celebrating our 79th anniver- sary with each of our berry special guests next year February 27th – March 9th, 2014 in beautiful Plant City.

Top right: Tommy Gann enjoying what you do at the Strawberry Festi- val…fresh strawberry shortcake. Bottom: Tommy Gann, Director Clay County Fair; Karen Brown, Clay County Fair; and Clay Cunningham, Straw- berry Festival…looking at their huge entertain- ment complex

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Lee Bakst, Festival Assistant General Manager shares a few moments with Federation President Dan West

Ryan Wilkerson: Carol Porter: JD Linn:


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