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Pensacola Interstate Fair Prepares For A Great 2013 Fair October 17-27

ber 17th, 2013. This year the Fair will be celebrating its 79th year of operation. Last year was close to a record breaking year with absolutely beautiful weather, with the ex-

The Pensacola Interstate Fair is preparing for what looks like a record breaking opening Octo-

ception of one cold night in which we had as our feature start Rock Hall of Fame star ―Little Rich- ard‖ who put on an absolutely spellbinding performance for teenagers of all ages. As always, Reithoffer Shows, provided an outstanding midway with over 62 rides and attrac-

tions.Preparations are being made this year for a super line-up of entertainment on our open air stage. Those stars which have al- ready been signed are: ScoobyDoo; ―Gator Boys‖ of TV fame, Grand Funk Rail Road; Sara Evans, Switchfoot and Travis Tritt. In addition we have Eudora Farms Petting Zoo and other local entertainment. All entertainment is FREE for the cost of admission. Everyone is invited to go to our website – for a complete listing of our extensive array of exhibits and special

promotions. We would like to offer a special invitation to all Federation members to visit. We promise the ―Red Carpet‖ treatment to all

Brevard County Fair Wrap Up

The Brevard County Fair 2013 continues to grow. We added Chase's Racing Pigs to this year's ground entertainment venue. Their show added yet another dimension to our ground

entertainment offerings. NoJoes Clown Circus continues to amaze our audiences with their comedy and thrill show per- formances while Mark Dopson with his "One Man Band", is al- ways a crowd pleaser. We are fortunate to have our Extension Service as a partner. They work very hard to help make our Bre- vard County Fair the quality family program it is today with their informational and educational displays and presentations. We had some weather challenges and a couple of other hick-

ups that presented themselves but we were able to persevere and work through them. It would not be a real County Fair if noth- ing went wrong. We are currently evaluating our data in prepara- tion for 2014 which will be even bigger and better. We owe a big thank you to Mr. Joe Walter and his wife Jennifer

for the outstanding job they did in our livestock venue. Jennifer is our Brevard County 4-H Poultry Leader and we had a blockbuster Poultry Auction this year. Lowell Loadholtz, Brevard County Ex- tension Director Retired, was our auctioneer. With monies from those who bid, including the Fair, 66 birds brought in over $3,000.00 to their exhibitors. What tremendous support from our community. Thank you for your support of this worthwhile pro- gram. Myers International Midway continues to bring that "WOW" fac-

tor for thrill seekers and they are always a big help in resolving any challenges that pop up. Our team here at the Brevard County Fair, along with our part-

ners, The Brevard County Commission, Brevard County Parks and Recreation, Waste Management, Brevard County Sheriff's Department, Brevard County Road and Bridge, Brevard County Extension Service and a whole host of volunteers and contribu- tors. They were able to come together and present to our resi- dents a true family friendly and wholesome venue in the Brevard County Fair. We look forward to an even bigger better Brevard County Fair in 2014. I am sure that I forgot to mention someone for all their hard

work but we are grateful for everyone's contributions and talents that help us each year to achieve our goals. On behalf of our President Mr. Frank Sullivan, Bill Cannon, GM, The Brevard County Fair COME SEE US !


Lake County Fair Report

By Leah J Norris The 2013 Lake County Fair was one for the record books! Although 4 of our 10 days had rain or a threat of rain, people came out in great num- bers. They enjoyed the North American Mid- ways Entertainment carnival, as well as Robert Smith‘s Street Magic Live, Marc Dob- son‘s One Man Band, Sea Lion Splash, Tom Umiker‘s Our Rural Heritage, and Neal Snyder‘s Fire Fighter Show. The Sea Lion Splash show was a big hit, and always brought a full house to each show, and the One

Man Band was sensational for his first time at our Fair. Our attendance was up 16.2% over 2012, and it was our sec-

ond best year EVER. Our Livestock sales were up 14.4%, with our steers averaging $3.70/lb. We‘ve seen an increase in the smaller animals (chickens, rabbits, goats) over the past couple of years, with a slight decrease in Market Animals (steer and swine), but our Livestock shows are still strong. However, we‘ve seen a slight decline in our other Competitive Exhibits. All in all, 2013 was a GREAT Fair year, and we are looking for-

ward to making 2014 bigger and better!

Above—left to right—Happy

Norris, Greg Bean, Tom Umiker, and Leah Norris.

At right: Happy Norris visits with Jeff Blomsness from North American Midway


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