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President’s Message ―You can either be the Rock Star at center

Lisa Hinton, Executive Director 12802 Balm Boyette Road Riverview, Florida 33579

Phone: 813-763-0161 Fax: 888-233-1501

President Gayle Hart

Florida Federation of Fairs & Livestock Shows, Inc. Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair Mailing Address and Location: 501 Fairgrounds Place Jacksonville, FL 32202

Phone: 904-353-0535 Fax: 904-353-5458 Email:

Florida Federation of Fairs & Livestock Shows, Inc. Board of Directors

OFFICERS President

Gayle Hart, Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair First Vice President

Rick Vymlatil, South Florida Fair Second Vice President

Tom Umiker, Greater Hillsborough County Fair Secretary/Treasurer

Felecia Chivington, Pensacola Interstate Fair Immediate Past President

Dan West, Manatee County Fair DIRECTORS

Paul Davis, Florida Strawberry Festival Wanda Jones, Columbia County Fair

Albert Montes, Miami-Dade County Fair & Expo Bill Olson, Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair Charles Pesano, Florida State Fair Dawn Rowe, Osceola County Fair David Viers, Volusia County Fair

Jim Ward, Pasco County Fair ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS

Justine O’Brien, O’Brien’s Food Enterprises Mark Sparks, Triangle Talent


Florida Dept. of Agriculture, Farmers Market Division

Frankie Hall

Florida Farm Bureau Newsletter Committee

Lisa Hinton, Advisor, Doris Graska-Chair Rita DeMier, Scott Merselis Leah Norris John Owens, Margaret Roddenberry

The opinions expressed in this newsletter are by those authors writing the articles and are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the Florida Federation of Fairs and Livestock Shows, Inc. The Florida Federation of Fairs and Livestock Shows, Inc. is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the infor- mation supplied by the authors, nor does it take on any responsibil- ity or liability for its content.


stage or the Roadie backstage,‖ touted Dayna Steele our keynote speaker for our Annual Con- vention at the Waldorf Astoria in Naples. Being President of the Florida Federation is as close to feeling like Rock Star that I‘m ever going to get. As a member of the local stagehand union I can still schlep equipment and bury cables with the best of them because that‘s what we do….whatever it takes! Truth be told… you and your Fairs are the ROCK STARS and I‘m just your Roadie. I look forward to meeting as many new Fair friends as possible this year and watching your Fairs shine! Many thanks to all of our volunteers, sponsors and attendees that

assisted in making sure the IAFE Zone II meeting and the FFF Con- vention were a success. Of course Lisa Hinton, our Rock Star Execu- tive Director, does everything with such an elegant effortless class, everything our Federation does is award winning! Special kudos to my friend Dan West for being such an outstanding President for our or- ganization and one of the nicest people I have ever met! I do hope eve- ryone enjoyed the convention in Naples and are already looking for- ward to next year. Please mark your calendar for the Summer Workshop which will be

held in Jacksonville at the Crowne Plaza and the Jacksonville Fair- grounds August 2 and 3rd. Workshops on Consumer Protection (E. coli) and Special Disaster Experience are two topics your organization can‘t afford to miss. I know the coming year will be busy for all of us, so enjoy the rest of your summer and we will see you in August! Gayle Hart, CFE, Federation President

Message from the Executive Director

Don‘t forget to mark your calendar for August 2nd & 3rd and plan to

Thanks to everyone that participated in this year‘s Convention! Whether you were ―learning‖ or ―sharing‖, I hope that you all took advantage of the chance to meet new people as well as take new ideas back to your Fair!

attend this year‘s Summer Workshop hosted by the Greater Jackson- ville Agricultural Fair. This is a program that EVERY FAIR needs to attend as we cover two very vital subjects within the Fair industry - Consumer Protection Plans (E. coli) and the Disaster Experience Workshop. We think you will enjoy it and learn a lot! To those of you that are finalizing your plans for your Fall Fair –

GOOD LUCK! We know what a busy time this is for you! Hope you all have a great Summer! Thanks again for all your support and don‘t forget – YOU are the

Federation and WE are a ―Fair Family‖! Lisa Hinton, Executive Director, CFE

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