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NICA UPDATE—Alta Mosley, Executive Director An idea shared by two friends while working the South Flor-

ida Fair, a few weeks later became an organization that is known today as the National Independent Concessionaires Association or NICA as most people say. Those founding Fa- thers, Gene O‘Brien and Larry Orem, are no longer with us but the legacy they left behind continues to grow stronger each year. NICA works to provide benefits to the members which will give them better pricing on many of the products sold at

Alta Mosley Executive Director

the Fairs. Food related items are not the only way to save money. There are benefits from travel related expenses and insurance to home repair and credit card processing. As a Fair Manager, I was asked to become a member, which I promptly did, to support my concessionaires. How many of you have done the same thing? I can name sev- eral for sure. The real question is ―Do you use those benefits?‖ Shame on me, I didn‘t and most of you aren‘t either. Why? I didn‘t know about them and you may not either. Nobody told me about those benefits.!! The August issue of

the NICA News will be our Member Benefit issue. The benefit providers will have the opportunity to write an article, explaining their product and how to take advantage of the savings offered. We are continually working to bring more

products into the program. In addition to the financial benefits, NICA works to build a better means of communication with Fair management, Carnival providers and the local community. The savings alone are worth the cost of a membership. Interested? Be sure to visit our web site, you can join right on line. Tom Sattler, CCE, President and Alta Mosley were invited to attend the Mid-West Fair Managers meeting held in St. Augustine. I was asked to give

a brief update on NICA. Those remarks included reminding those who are members to take advantage of the benefits and that while there are some folks talking about forming Buying Groups, NICA is for and about the Independent Concessionaire and Fair related businesses. NICA does not charge a percentage for Administration fees; we prefer that our members receive the maximum amount of savings. There are several benefits that do contribute to the Association as well as saving the concessionaire money. We greatly appreciate being included in the Florida Federation of Fairs. We were happy to one of the sponsors for the Giles Ellis Memorial Golf

Tournament. Team Sattler which included President Tom Sattler, Second Vice President, Joe Potillo, Jr., Secretary, Justin Sattler finished second in the tournament. Tim O‘Brien, CCE, NICA Director also entered a team. Lisa Hinton and the Program committee did an excellent job putting the work- shops and round table discussions together. We were glad to be included in the programs. All attending the convention were Heather Sattler, Tyra Potillo, Dawn Sattler, Justine O‘Brien, Kevin McGrath, Kevin McGrath II and Jeff and Kath Ross. One person who attends several other State meet- ings, said the convention offered more topics that applied to the Fair as a whole rather than one sided meetings. He also said the people were friendly and very open in their discussions.


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