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Inspired to Write? Gratitude in the Face of Fear or Anger By Lisa Tener Anger and fear can become doorways to gratitude—an invitation to look within and choose our perspective, rather than re-experi- ence the default. Lisa shares three tips to deepen your journaling practice and the power of incorporating a gratitude journal into your writing practice.


Feeling Your Personal Best: Stopping to See Your Successes By Alice Greene How often have you given up on your healthier eating or exer- cise because you felt you failed or were not perfectly good at meeting the expectations? If you are like most women, this is a common struggle that impacts your ability to succeed at reaching your health, fitness or weight loss goals. Discover how focus- ing on your successes is the secret to staying motivated and on track.

It’s Time to Discover Your Soul’s Purpose By Michelle L. Casto When we are living in alignment with our higher Purpose, we feel more alive—filled with excitement, joy, and contentment. Discov- ering one’s Purpose is like cutting a diamond. Just like every gem- quality diamond has within it a ready-made design, waiting to be discovered, so do you. The secret is to discover and actualize your unique pattern. As a diamond needs to be excavated and polished to have worth, similarly, you have to dig deep within yourself to discover your Destiny.


Take Back Your Life: Body Basics by Wendy Ida You are probably noticing that your body really isn’t the same as it was twenty years ago. Childbearing, old injuries, menopause, medications and metabolism changes have profound effects on your body’s strength, stamina and appearance. The good news is, you can go back to being energized again with fewer or no muscle aches. You can love your body and yes, even feel sexy again. Discover the power in taking back your life and your health and begin today.

Body. Soul.

Prayer That Works By August Gold & Joel Fotinos When we understand what prayer really does, which is to connect us with our true selves, it will provide the foundation for happi- ness and fulfillment that no amount of accumulation of things can provide.

Ditch Your Inner Critic: 5 Practical Ways to Stop Beating Yourself Up so Your Inner Superstar is Free to Shine by Amy Ahlers Shifting your focus to your Inner Wisdom will always bring you in line with your Truth and Compassion, and you will always feel better. As you practice this process more and more, you’ll find your Inner Superstar coming to life. Here’s the Truth: You are a Superstar.

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Eating for Bliss: Gratitude: The Secret Beauty Elixr By Shakaya Leone Gratitude is a beauty elixir, and a secret to life that beautiful women know. Gratitude turns all the switches on. Focus on your gratitude, and you’ll create beauty and bliss chemicals all throughout your body. We are more powerful than we realize, and harnessing and harvesting that power starts by cultivating a deep sense of enchantment and gratitude for the abundance and beauty of our life as it is.

The Wise Woman Way: Cultivating Gratitude By Susun Weed Susun guides the reader through a beautiful breath medita- tion that brings us deeper into the blessings that surround us in nature. Cultivating gratitude begins with a sense of wonder for all the gifts and blessings given to us my Mother Earth.

Ask Dr. Kelley: Ignite Your Mind. Free Your Body. Heal Your Spirit. By Dr. Kelley Taylor We all have within us an amazing tool that, when ignited and followed, will change your health forever. It’s called our Human Guidance System (HGS), our Inner Healer, that, when ignited

Awaken to Your Divine Self: Prayers of Gratitude Create Empowering Change for the New Year By Kala Ambrose The New Year provides a time of reflection and connection as we take the time to look back over the old year and celebrate and give gratitude for the abundance in our lives. It is the perfect opportu- nity to review our connection on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and move into the New Year.


goes to work, immediately and on demand. Learn the simple steps to igniting this power within you.




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