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by Elizabeth Harper

Set an Intention to receive inspiration from your Soul. Close your eyes and take a deep breath into the center of your being. When you are ready, open your eyes, select a color and open your heart to the message from your Soul.

Blue: You are a star! Your brilliance has been recognized and all your hard work appreci- ated – more than you know. To cultivate your “star quality” place a star with your name on it in a south-facing window. It will draw to you an abundance of soulmates and supporters.

Green: You have come a long way and all you need now is a boost of confidence. If you have any certificates get them out and peruse your achievements. Once you feel sufficiently pumped up, write an affirmation about how won- derful you are and then frame it for all to see!

Brown: Counting your pennies keeps you focused on what you have now, but if you want more then start using your best asset – your ability to nurture growth. Plant seeds in clay pots in the southwest corner of your home, sprinkle with intention and watch your wishes grow.

Magenta: When you embrace the magenta ray you love everyone and everything around you. If your desire to make the world a happier place isn’t reciprocated by your nearest and dearest simply place their photos in a magenta colored frame positioned next to a lamp. When you turn on the light love will shine into their lives. Who can resist that?

Olive: Boundaries are important, so you don’t appreciate it when someone crosses the invisible line you have set. Before you get on the warpath, realize that there is a reason for everything. Could it be that other people’s thoughtlessness is code for, “we care enough about you to enter your forbidden territories?”

Orange: Sizzle, Sizzle, Sizzle - you are hot and everyone knows it. There are plenty of party invitations from those who are mesmerized by your juicy energy, but all this excitement doesn’t replace your everyday life. When the lights have dimmed what is left is a life filled with joy, bliss and success. Yes! This is Your Life! Appreciate it!

Cultivating Gratitude

Yellow:Do you have a direct line of vision, from where you stand now to where you want to be in the future? How will you see that far ahead? Well, you could either get yourself a set of nuclear powered binoculars or you could stretch your horizons and go for the double D - De-clutter and Downsize, that should clear your view.

Pink: Relationships top your “wish-list,” but did you forget someone? Amidst all the love you share with your soulmates, family, work colleagues, and friends, how about a little love and apprecia- tion for the one person who truly deserves your attention. When you realize who this is, place a photo of said person in the center of all the others.

Red: A wonderful stroke of luck is streaking through your life energizing all those places where you stored your hopes and dreams. This is an exciting time for you, full of surprises and

gifts from the universe. You deserve this kind of attention. Red means go have fun, go have a blast, and go reap the rewards of past efforts.

White: This is a time of spiritual development, a return of prayer and rekindling of sacred ritual. Start with a clean slate. Cleanse your energy; take a shower using a salt scrub. Honor the earth; turn in a circle stopping at each direction, where you take a breath and thank the guardians. When the honoring circle is complete state your intention for your year ahead.

Turquoise: Everything is about to change, starting with how you look. This isn’t about your clothes or hairstyle. Your soul is waking up and your true pur- pose is about to be revealed. You passed a test and your prize is a promotion. It is this progression that changes your appearance to a radiant glow.

Violet: Bring passion into your life. Write down three things that excite you along with three ways to summon these passion-invoking measures now. Place your action plan into a bowl of fruit and each time you take a piece, devour it with gusto. Before you know it your action plan will have all the juice it needs to zing your passion buds.

Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed teacher, intuitive, healer and author of Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires. 83

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