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goals, your dreams and your desires. Read this every morning and evening as part of your routine. To focus your con- scious mind, practice positive self-talk, affirm your goal in the present tense. Repeat your goal often throughout the day. Use words like “I am…” or “I have…”

3. Ignite your subconscious mind and HGS through emotionalized visualization. Activate the most power- ful, resourceful part of the brain, the subconscious mind and the HGS. (The subconscious mind is the one that most people forget to use.) Don’t forget the key that does 85% of the work: the subconscious mind. Turning this key will ignite the subconscious mind. It scans your environment and draws to you the people, resources, knowledge, opportunities and circumstances that line up with your goals. Use emotion- ally charged, visualized goal setting to activate your subconscious mind

4. Steps to activate your subcon- scious mind. Harness the power of the Reticular Activating System (RAS) by imagining your goals and bringing them to life in your mind’s eye. Follow your inspired ideas and thoughts. Most of the time, it’s the first thing that comes to your mind. Do not dismiss or fear this. Write it down. Allow your HGS to reveal to you the next steps. This may take some practice and some faith. It is important to remember, there are no “wrong” or “bad” thoughts or feelings. There is no need for judgment; you are either in alignment with your goals or out of alignment with your goals. You’ll see progress every week. You’ll see signs and opportunities will come out of nowhere.

5. Enjoy the present moment and find joy in the journey. Try to avoid the need to figure out how something should be done instead of allowing your HGS to take you step by step. Leave the work up to the subconscious mind and HGS. Do not worry about how your goals will be achieved. Visualize what you want in your mind’s eye. Tap into your HGS by emotionalizing your goal. Then look for Windows of Opportuni- ties. When you receive them, follow the 59

one that feels best and take inspired ac- tion. If an opportunity doesn’t feel good, stop and reconsider. Look for a better opportunity. Ask yourself: “How can I reach my goal of ______?” List the solu- tions or thoughts that come to mind. See which one feels best and go with that. Practice makes perfect. Continue to use these skills and with repetition. You’ll get comfortable and you’ll see incredible results, sometimes instantly.

6. Speak and stay positive. Speak positive words. Act as if. When affirming your goal, always make it positive and use the present tense. Your subcon- scious mind does not understand lan- guage such as “not,” “don’t,” etc. Use “I have,” “I will,” or “I am.” You subconscious mind works with pictures. If you can’t bring up a picture when you say a word, it will be ignored by the subconscious mind. When doubt creeps in, bring your mind back to what you want as soon as you can.

7. The blessings are in the journey. Give thanks for each opportunity, roadblock and inspiration along the way. Giving thanks moves you forward and keeps you feeling good.

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