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think back to when you first started to work with them and create a profile for what they “looked like” when you first met them and where they are now as a result of the work they’ve done with you. These are your start and end points.

Once you have the start and end points, you are ready to actually create your formal Core Purpose Process™.

1) Develop Simple Steps That Move Clients From Start to Finish Your Core Purpose Process™ should contain anywhere from five to nine steps. The number of steps is impor- tant because it needs to be robust enough for the client to feel like it has merit, but not so complex that it feels scary or unachievable.

It is important that you keep each of your steps very clear and simple. Imagine the entire journey through the eyes of the client and map each step they take out on a timeline. What is the very first step that the client needs to take to move away from the starting point toward the end point? Continue this process until the end point is reached.

Once you have all the steps go through this process again to see if you missed anything. It might even help to work with a friend or trusted client or colleague to walk them through the process.

2) Break Down Each Step Of The Process Once you’ve laid out each of the steps in your process, you will want to really flesh that step out so it is robust and creates an amazing client experience. Ultimately, each step of your Core Purpose Process™ can and will be broken down into its own process, helping you to create ad- ditional products and services while staying in complete alignment with your authentic brand.

Key elements for breaking down each step in the process:

1. Outline 3-5 teaching points for the step

2. Identify any additional materials such as exercises, books, medita- tions, products or other expert sup- port that you might suggest to the client while working through that step with them.

NOTE: These can be your own materi- als or they might be someone else’s. The goal is to create a rich, beneficial experience for the client with each step along their journey.

3. List the specific outcome or ben- efits that step is expected to create for your client.

This process allows you to have a very clear understanding of what it will take to complete the creation of your process and by identifying benefits with each step, you’ve already created your benefits rich messaging for your marketing materials.

3) Create Benefits Rich Titles For Each Step in Your Process By focusing the titles for each step on the benefits they provide, you are able to engage your potential clients at an emotional level when they are in the discovery stage of deciding whether or not to work with you. Benefits rich titles should be light, fun and easy to understand and tie directly to the main result of that particular step.

4) Name Your Process/Program Take time to review each step within your process and identify the major transformation your client’s experi- ence. The name of your system should directly describe this transformation that client’s experience.

5) Test and Modify Your System Work with a trusted client or friend who is in alignment with the target market you’ve developed this process for.

Take them through the entire

process, step by step and then ask these questions:

a. Did they experience the outcomes you expected when creating it? b. If not, what did they experience? c. How can you modify that step to achieve the expected outcome? d. Did the entire process lead them through the transformation you expected?

Once you’ve answered these ques- tions, make adjustments to your process that feel comfortable to you and in alignment with who you are. NOTE: Once you’ve completed the testing phase, ask the client/friend who helped you for a testimonial of their experience, this can be used in your marketing materials to promote your Core Purpose Process™ Programs and Services.

6) Let The Transformation Begin Begin using your Core Purpose Process™ in your one on one work with clients, in group coaching programs, in workshops, as a home study program etc. The possibilities are endless!

Kim Turcotte specializes in supporting creative souls that panic at the word PLAN. Using her painless planning process Kim supports and honors your creative, feminine nature and provides you with a structure that works for you so that you and your business can THRIVE! To download Kim’s Online Business Success Kit, visit her online at


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