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· It becomes the theme of your life story, giving you more freedom to decide how to live out your personal and professional roles.

· It is the core of where you “come from” reflected by what you say, think and do. For example, if you are an artist, then you may see and experience your life as art itself.

When we are living in alignment with our higher Purpose, we feel more alive—filled with excitement, joy, and “contentment.” We are more connected to one another as human beings and more satisfied with our chosen career path. Not being on Purpose leads to a constant seeking of external things to help you feel better about your life. When you are not on Purpose, you may also find yourself trying to do it all alone. You grasp at straws, basically taking anything that looks good—whether it is a new job, going back to school, moving, finding another lover—what- ever fills the void of the extreme emptiness you feel inside.

Conversely, being on Purpose leads to an internal peace with what is unfolding in your life. You have a feeling that “all is right with the world” and you know that you have an important part to play. Also, when you are on Purpose, you tap into a higher power and you then receive supernatural support. You will find the best things in life are naturally attracted to you, and that life flows along wonderfully, even abundantly.

Your Purpose is not limited to any one role, position or mission. Your purpose can be played out in many roles; for example, a significant other, daughter, friend, teacher, writer, and coach, community leader, etc. It’s about coming from love and being fully present.

To reach this kind of enlightened presence an inner shift must first occur. When you become aware that personal transformation is necessary to living your Purpose, you have taken a big step towards your Destiny. The first step to move from what is into what could be is becom- ing aware of what is not working. Once you are aware of something, only then can you change it or see it differently. Making the right choices and changes are vital to living your life on purpose.

We are here by design and our gifts are a fundamental part of that. An important reason for life on Earth is to evolve at a Soul-level while learning the spiritual lessons of love, compassion, kindness, and gratitude. We are also here to become the full- est expression of who we really are.

One area of growth for us is the work that we do. The work that con- tributes to the healing of the planet is directly tied to our Soul’s Purpose. Many spiritual teachers believe that before you were born, a role and opportunity was entrusted to you and you alone. Before you get too caught up in trying to understand how you would heal the planet, you need to understand that this happens in various micro and macro ways.

For example, the person who sings a beautiful song that is heard by even one person who then shifts their consciousness as a result of what that song meant to them has healed the planet on a micro level. The per- son who writes a book that touches millions of lives is healing the planet on a macro level. The person who bakes the most amazing muffins that brings joy, even for a moment, to everyone who tastes them, is healing the planet.

Through living our Soul’s Purpose, we heal, transform and become whole by bringing our presence to the pres- ent. Being here now is our greatest opportunity to experience everyday enlightenment. Our Purpose is not to focus on the future and hope that it will be better, it is to use the energy of the present and shift it into its highest possible expression.

Also, as you learn to see the bless- ings of your current situation, you gain access to your power and hidden potential. When you can step back, and realize that the thing you are facing is a lesson, and that it has been orchestrated by you on a sub-conscious/Soul level, then you can learn to let go and get into the flow of where your Soul is trying to move you.

@2011. Excerpt from The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Suc- cess Coming by Michelle L. Casto being released on on Jan 17, 2012. Get all the details at http://

Michelle Casto is known as The Destiny Doctor because she has an intuitive ability to see where you are blocked in living your fullest self-expression. She is also a Life & Business SOUL Coach who empowers you to build a purposeful and prosperous Business that allows you the fun, freedom and fulfillment that your heart desires. She is a prolific writer and transformational teacher that utilizes soul alignment techniques to empower you to live your Destiny and shine your bril- liance. You can find her on social media as “Bright Michelle” and at and


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