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Like any journey, you never know all the places you will discover as you pack your bags. However, a good travel guide can tell you the most effective things to take with you and can outline where to go look for the treasures as you enter the terrain.

As you embark, go ahead and open your guide book, and begin your journey with these...

5 Treasure Map Tips for Evolving Your Life Purpose Sweet Spot

Nature models creation constantly and having an awareness of the principles of the elemental forces of creation can boost your inner gifts and help you access a deeper understanding of your life purpose.


Each of the elements function in a different realm and impact your life purpose and creations in a unique way: Earth/physically, Water/emotionally, Air/mentally, Fire/action, Spirit/es- sence. When elements line up in your creations, you find the sweet spot where magic happens.

The elemental energies of creation (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit) impact your life purpose based on the unique combination you have in your make-up. When you know how to ac- cess this information it can tell you: • Your core elemental abilities and how you need to evolve from there.

2 • What you are here to express in your life.

• How your inner feminine and mascu- line work together in creation.

• The elemental lens through which you see the world (earthy, watery, airy, or fiery), helping you to understand

Uncover how the energies of cre- ation express uniquely through you.

Learn the way the basic principles of creation combine for success.

yourself and others more effectively.

• The fastest way to reach your potential. This knowledge will help you transform the distinct aspects of yourself – which can sometimes feel as though they all want different things in life – into a powerful team that knows how to co-create together.

You can begin mapping your inner gifts by connecting to things you love to do. There is a saying, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs now is more people who have come alive.” What makes you come alive now is often connected to what made you feel alive when you were a young girl. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Jungian analyst, story- teller, and author of Women Who Run with the Wolves, maintains that nine and ten year olds are the geniuses of our world: they are old enough to know what they are passionate about but not so old that they have been shaped by outside influences into what the world wants them to be.


What made you tingle with excitement when you were nine or ten? What gave you that special feeling of purpose or exhilaration at that time in your life? Most likely, it still does. What you have an inherent gift for is always something you love. What do you love? What is your passion? Breathe into those embers and watch the flames spring into life.

And while you may have felt confused about your life purpose and inner gifts, the magic is that you have kept those embers alive deep within you since childhood. While life may have taken you down a different road, all your experiences have given you knowledge of how to better accomplish your life purpose. So don’t despair that you haven’t “gotten there” yet. Know that

Clearly explore and map your cre- ative urges and inner gifts.

you are bringing it to the fore of your awareness at the perfect time to be birthing it into your consciousness and into the world.

creative life purpose essence. The alchemical combination of your inner seemingly paradoxical aspects will help reveal your life purpose and can assist you in evolving it. As the vari- ous parts of your life purpose begin to come to your awareness, consider them as separate ingredients you are adding to your essence soup pot. Imagine that your gifts and inner treasures combine into a precious and delicious soup that is absolutely unique. Trust in the alchemical transformational cooking process. Allow time for your ingredi- ents to blend, to mellow, and combine. They will become a clear, nurturing inner knowing of your life purpose and the way you need to express it in the world.


At this stage of the process, it’s time to celebrate your journey and enjoy your creative expression. Have fun evolving from your life purpose sweet spot.


And remember, as you evolve, so will your life purpose. This process of going within and exploring your life purpose is available to you any time.

Lisa Michaels, celebrated elemental wisdom teacher, author and president of Natural Rhythms, assists others in accessing their natural creation abilities. Her products, workshops, and facilitator trainings have helped thousands of people discover their life purpose and success- fully propel their, personal and profes- sional, lives forward. Lisa was chosen by the leading publisher Hay House as one of their 2010 Movers & Shakers. Learn more at

Bring forth your unique life purpose and express it in the world.

Allow the alchemical process to work its magic and reveal your


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