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understand what has not been experienced. Thus, the journey of life is one of seeking experience. From experience comes knowl- edge and applied knowledge ripens into wisdom. By honoring the experience, each moment becomes sacred with personal and divine value representing that all encounters present the opportu- nity to learn and grow.

Each relationship strengthens us and allows us to stretch beyond our boundaries in ways that we may not have imagined. The golden cord on which this energy travels is linked through our spiritu- al connections. Whether or not we are aware of these connections when they occur, the ripple effect from the thoughts, emotions and actions from that moment forward become part of who we are and shape our destiny.

These cumulative actions create an auspicious window to release excess baggage and stagnant energy (prune) in which to begin the New Year with a clean slate. Letting go of limiting thoughts and actions (what has been

eachings is to us are and how

r, especially when th the prayer.”

reaped and sown), changes the future by manifesting an open, positive and receptive atmosphere to bring new ideas to fruition.

As we float along in this sea of energy on the physical plane, which we refer to as Earth, let us join in a prayer of gratitude for this planet, this great gift given to each of us, with its inspirational natural beauty and nourishing resources.

Today, say a prayer of thanks for all the bountiful good in your life. When you do, make sure to remember to include the planet in your prayers. The energy in each prayer is powerful and sends ripples of energy around the planet and surrounds each person that you include in your prayers.

One of the greatest wisdom teachings is to remember how powerful each of us are and how much energy is behind each prayer, especially when conscious thought is focused with the prayer. When you pray, speak the words aloud, visualize the intent and direct the energy toward your intention. With careful focus and direction, prayer can change the world.

Of great importance to remember during this time is that the only constant in life is change; events will occur, choices are made, and actions are generated. While the past cannot be altered, the boun- tiful harvest of wisdom gained from each experience is a gift. Life can present us with great tragedy and tremendous joy. With a discerning mind, we can locate the grains of wisdom and insight to plant as seeds for the future.

Ways to Celebrate: Host a special

New Year’s Dinner to celebrate abundance, gratitude and reflec- tion with family and friends.

To connect each guest with the celebration, ask them to bring an item to share that signifies what they harvested this past year, whether in their garden or in their life.

For example, one could bring honey to signify they have learned how to appreciate sweetness in life. During dinner, ask each person to share what they have learned this past year regarding gratitude, abundance, or growth and then offer a toast to each experience with red wine or apple juice.

Creating this celebration of gratitude can lead to empower- ing conversations, facilitating the opportunity for each guest to reflect on the good in their lives and reaffirm their commitment to go forth and create their dreams in the New Year.

----Kala Ambrose is an intuitive empath, wis- dom teacher, inspirational speaker and voice of the highly acclaimed The Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show, which currently features over 300 interviews with world renowned authors, artists, teachers and researchers discussing metaphysical, spiritual and paranormal top- ics. She is the award-winning author of 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled, and her new book, The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolu- tion of Your Energy Body will be released in November 2011. Kala is a highly interactive teacher on a mission to educate, entertain and inspire. As a business intuitive she brings a wealth of knowledge to businesses and entrepreneurs providing insightful solutions with a competitive edge to achieve their business and personal goals. Kala lectures and teaches workshops on Developing Business Intuition, Understanding Auras, Chakras and Energy Fields, Mystery Schools and their Healing Temples, and Wise Woman Wisdom (how to connect with your divine feminine power). More information about Kala at www.


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